GT Bob Plager Invitational Weekly Wrapup

Fellow Game Timer's, welcome to the first (and possibly only) edition of the GT Bob Plager Invitational Weekly Wrapup. Being the stat whore that I've become this fantasy season, I thought it would be FUCKING AMAZING quasi-interesting to have a weekly summary of the league leaders in goals, assists, shitty calls against the Blues penalty minutes, etc. Let's get started shall we? 

Alright, let's get this shiznit started. (Full stats can be found at the bottom. However, if you skip my witty commentary I will hunt your sorry ass down and force you to wear a Red Wings sweater.)


Bleeding Blue's pack of crafty puck hogs managed to slip 14 goals past opposing 'tenders this week. Which begs the question do these guys ever pass? Oh yea...I guess they do, because they also came to the show in a four-way tie for 3rd place with 22 assists. I guess they're just good or something.

Coming in a close second was Pabst Smears. Man, the images that name invokes...nice work CT. The Pabst Smears mustered 13 goals this week and were also part of the four-way tie mentioned above.


The Penis Machinists must have this guy on their team because they fucking dished it out like nobody's business, registering 27 helpers for the week.  That's damn near four assists per day. Insanity.

Not slouching a bit in the "A" category was the Route 66 Racers who notched 25 assists.

Power Play Points

Ah, power play points...that wonderful stat that I wish our Blues notched on a more frequent basis (read "every game.")  The Penis Machinists made it evident they are indeed the juggernaut. Bitch. Tallying a whopping 18 power play points this week, I can't help but say fuck Detroit.

The next nearest competitor...although none of us really came close, was the DookieDozen (I'm still trying to figure out if that's something similar to a baker's dozen) who put 14 PPP's on the board. And no, PPP Pension Plan Puppets.

Shots On Goal

141 shots. In one week. Those are Bonzo numbers. (Do-King you follow me on that right?) That's what Marmot's team put on net this past week. The goaltenders his team faced saw more rubber than a two-dollar whore that looks like Jessica Alba giving a half-price special. Crazily enough, for all that work to get pucks on net, the Marmot's only put up 7 goals last week.

Bleeding Blue edged out DookieDozen by one shot to squeak out 2nd place in SOG with 126.

Penalty Minutes

What a fucking bunch of hooligans. The Route 66 Racers felt shame last week. A lot of shame. Fifty-seven minutes of it to be exact. I wonder if they have any relation to the Broad Street Bullies....things that make you go "hmmm?"

The DookieDozen also fielded a team of miscreants notching fifty-four PIM's. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Yea...I'm just gonna lump these three stats into one field, because Pagan Puck Pounders' netminders beat all of our asses this week. Not just a little beating either. If our fantasy teams could all be encapsulated in one picture this week, this is what we'd look like. The Pagan Puck Pounders threw down for 5 wins, a 1.19 goals against average, and a .956 save percentage. And they did that using only two fucking netminders. TWO. I have three 'tenders on my roster and I STILL sometimes have trouble hitting the three game minimum. All I have to say is nice fucking drafting Pagan.

Full Stats

This table is likely to come out fucked up looking but here goes nothing. In no particular order:

1/4/2009             G              A             PIM         PPP        SOG             W         GAA         SV%
The Fantasy Files 9 12 50 6 106 3 2.46 0.924
The Penis Machinists 12 27 30 18 121 2 3.61 0.892
The Skywalkers 8 14 32 9 99 3 3.01 0.909
Route 66 Racers 8 25 57 8 113 4 1.32 0.949
Pabst Smears 13 22 38 11 106 2 3.2 0.883
Don Buster Cherries 8 20 23 9 87 3 3.46 0.888
Weiner Cleaners 10 14 38 11 92 1 2.48 0.923
F*** Detroit 11 22 24 11 111 2 1.64 0.94
Matt Walker Hat Trick 10 14 44 12 102 2 3.37 0.88
Pagan Puck Pounders 12 17 41 12 121 5 1.19 0.956
BlueNote Express 5 6 19 4 85 1 2.99 0.891
DookieDozen 12 19 54 14 125 3 2.7 0.906
Bleeding Blue 14 22 44 9 126 3 2.51 0.918
Lehigh River Ferries 7 22 37 12 114 2 2.59 0.921
Hombres de cavernas 11 14 31 9 101 2 3.09 0.901
Marmots 7 20 24 7 141 3 2.66 0.919
Golf Cart Polo Champs 11 21 20 12 111 1 3.24 0.893
The Ragin' Asians 6 18 20 7 89 1 2.5 0.936

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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