Pietrangelo? Strachan? Brewer?

Im not thinking of debating which one should be playing.  The coaching staff obviously feels that Strachan provides a more sound game or chance of winning.  He came up from Peoria and bypassed Pietrangelo, who again for the second season is not enjoying many opportunities to stake a claim on the roster.

More so the long term decisions that are inevitable

The questions surrounding Pietrangelo were supposed to be answered in these first few games, before a discussion would have to be made on his future team, be it in the NHL, AHL, or most likely the OHL.  He has not really been given a chance this year to show a measure of consistency beyond a single game.  There are mistakes made and adjustments throughout a game that are obvious, but playing seldom games means seldom opportunity to show a sound game.

Albeit this could easily be due to the play of Strachan, who has been relatively solid most of the time with a few mistakes but a few terrific plays, he always seems to be in the mix.  But if this is the case why would the team just have Pietrangelo around to *a.)* not play hockey, *b.)* "gain experience".  Why would he not be down in Peoria with Junland who is tearing it up, to see how he would work with a defensive partner he could create and maintain a hint of chemistry with.


Wouldn't it be more beneficial for him to spend this time playing 18-20 minutes a game and running the play?  The AHL is still above the OHL.

I am not sure if he is on a 2-Way contract or not which would explain that but there are decisions to be made soon outlined below.

As stated by Andy Strickland

With the return of Jackman and Brewer where does that obviously leave Pietrangelo? How much confidence is Pietrangelo gaining by never playing and bag skating nearly everyday. Not exactly the best recipe to feel part of the team


There has even been talk about the Blues shopping DJ King around, and if Pietrangelo doesn't live up to expected potential it would be wise to trade him now while his stock is still high.  I don't know how i feel about this but It could make sense, I'm excited there is talk of move because something needs to happen to send a message to this team.

What do you think about it?

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