Well THAT sucked....





OK, the refereeing sucked. Anytime you don't allow someone to defend themselves against an intent to injure,  it's BOGUS. Ott... dead man! Barch... he's a dead man! Fistric... dead! Unfortunately, the Blues designated hitter is marked as a goon, and so he is treated like one by the refs, while a turd like Ott is free to hit very late and hit low without retribution. We need an Ott-type player who can get away with shit. Winchester... Beej...?

Still all that aside, except for the first ten minutes, we weren't in this game. This team reacts too much, we haven't initiated. It's time to name names:

Winchester, Crombeen and Backes need to start attacking people in the corners of the offensive zone.

Paul Kariya hasn't done jack shit. He looks like he's forgotten how to play.

Polak's a big guy. When opposing forwards go into the corner, he needs to physically separate them from the puck.

Brad Boyes, you need to watch tape of Mike Bossy and Brett Hull until you get the fucking idea of a goal scorer. Repeat after me:  "I will drop the puck to another forward and then get into shooting position instead of trying to drive to the net. I am a trigger man. My job is to shoot first, ask questions later."

Power play unit 1: MOVE THE GODDAMN PUCK AROUND THE PERIMETER AND MAKE THEM CHASE YOU SO YOU CAN GET THEM OUT OF THE BOX! Everybody in the NHL knows that your favorite play is that diagonal across the box to the top of the circle for a one-timer. Ya think they don't practice breaking that up?

Patrik Berglund: DO something in the offensive zone dammit! Don't just skate around cluelessly playing whack-a-mole with the puck.

Feel free to pile on. Anybody else bug you with their lack of play so far this year?

Oh, the one bright light from tonight is Petro. I was impressed with his defensive positioning (except on the Stars third goal), his assertiveness and puck sense, and I give him high marks for defending his teammate Coliaccovo after that late low bridge, if not much sense, going after the bigger Ott. We need to see more of him.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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