Bryan's random thoughts from the game 11/12/09

Spur of the moment was "student" night....decided to go to the figured id make a few notes /  random thoughts / random happenstances from the game and write them here. Plus a few pictures...i took a bunch but some didnt turn out i was uploading some late last night.

Ok had a bad day the day before so called up my buddy and we went to the game...

1. Big Daddys is awesome...Steak Night! and beers!!!! Usually go there before games...they know me by name now...good or bad thing?

Side note- waitress had a good laugh at our "student" ids...

2. On the way to the metrolink - beatboxer cornered us and did an awesome ass job...enough to have me give him a buck....very impressive though.

3. Pissed off about the tickets thing...right after we paid for the tix, some guy comes up saying I got free tickets to tonight anybody want them? WTF MAN...WTF....2 minutes earlier...damn.

4. Got my tix for the Dec 15th game vs Calgary for Brett Hull night...they better be announcing a statue of Hull

5. "Student" discounts were good...$20 upper or $35 lower and both come with a coupon for a little hot dog and a least $10 worth of decided to go for the lower bowl this time.

6. I kept making Nashville Sexual Predator jokes...all the way to the arena..."Dont take the Wine Coolers OSHIE!"

7. IDIOT 2 sections over...trying the "Lets go Card-inals" chant...for the Blues..."Lets Go Bl-ues" doesnt work...its 3 beat...LETS GO BLUES...4 and 5 clap...Lets go clap clap clap clap clap...forget that crap.

8. Hamm commercial came on....started talking to my friend about how that hat isnt the right logo its this logo...



Then I read in GT....A Blues Fan From Afar - Joe Barker - talking about Jon Hamm and his "hat of lies"...awesome....just what i was thinking about.

also found this article from awhile ago today. 

Jon Hamm is here from the future?

Also when he says he has seen Shanny and Janney (i think also in LA he has seen the 3rd one...TRANNY)

9.Masonry having wardrobe malfunctions twice? Mask came off in the 1st...2nd period it came off again...he seemed pissed.

10. Intermission took these 2 pictures...the PedoRat/Bear Louie besides having a twitter account apparently: 

They gave him a gun...a tshirt gun...but a gun still...Everybody has heard the "Real Men of Genius" radio commercial where it says some of these you need a background check, a 3 day waiting period, and a training course...the Louie rat was wearing camo....(either to honor the military or find easier ways to hide in bushes near children). He also looked like he was looking for Charlie in the trees. Also if he has to avoid schools by 500 feet / 1000 feet...shouldnt he also not be able to get a gun?






Which also made me think of Louie's does look very legit.... Free-candy-van_medium


11. Scuffle...with Perron...little scrappy Frenchie trying to mix it up!



12. Last but not least of the pictures....



JD calling BULLSHIT to the Backes game misconduct! Wonder if that picture will go up when they honor him this weekend?

13. I could hear Federko if he were calling the game last night....on that Tootoo asshole's (isnt it so CUUUUUUTE and adorable that he wears # 22?) shot?

Masonry didnt see it...and didnt have a chance.

14. On that I think 90% or more of the crowd didnt see that goal....they saw Oshie lay that bastard out....yet his fluke goal went through Masonry.

15. also earlier in the game...Holy Crap...Holy Jumpin! Boyes actually scored...he actually got it in the net AGAIN! wow....big johnson! and happy meal on the assists.

16. How the hell can we not get the puck out of our zone on the powerplay?

17. How the hell can we not get the puck out of our zone at the end of the game to pull Masonry?

18. Wow we get scored on and most people are getting up and leaving theres still 4 minutes left....

19. Dancing kid hasnt aged in 3-4 years. Also doesnt have any new moves...Is he the new Brewerbot? Roboto fan model?

20. Glad Roboto didnt have another "General Protection Fault."

21. Angelllllllllllllllllllllllllla was more skanktastic than ever with whatever the hell she was wearing...looked like skirt....with blues stickers put on it or idea at all.

22. Maybe Im on this site too often during work / whenever..... when I read Gallagher's article...and know exactly what hes talking about.

23. Timothy Oshie senior? how the hell did the GT staff manage that? Impressive. (seems more legit than TJ Oshie's twitter page which got taken down)

24. Bret Hedican - back in the old arena sitting w/ my dad in the back row...there was a hallway to go up to the press box from where we were sitting. He was in the press box that night....walking up to there...talked to us...signed something for us...very impressive when i was a young kid for that to happen to me. Thats one of the only things i remember about that old arena...besides the metal staircase that started swinging when people were walking on it (maybe thats something that the escalator of doom have in common tempting fate at every step?) Brett Hull, and just random images of the Blues on the ice! and the Jr. Blue note club!

25. Saw on gizmodo / io9 some new funny star wars shirts...loved this pic...thought id share it...especially with the Billy D Williams ads all around town.




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