Something has to change...

The Blues aren't playing mean. They aren't playing smart. And they do this at home, which is the one place where it should be easier to do both. I'm not on the "Fire Murray" bandwagon; I mean,he was a finalist for the Jack Adams award LAST YEAR. With virtually the same roster. But we're not playing like we did the second half of last year. Did the Canucks somehow manage to expose how to beat the Blues? I don't think so. The Blues gave them no quarter in the series; Luongo was the biggest difference. So how does the organization fix what's going on here? I think, unfortunately, the answer is to fire Andy Murray, and the main reason is that the old saying is true: it's easier to fire one person than it is to fire 20. The other is that if you were going to make a trade, who *could* you trade from this major league roster and reasonably expect a team-revitalizing difference maker in return? It's a short list: Perron, Oshie, Johnson, Berglund, Backes, Polak, McClement. Prospects aren't going to cut it; teams with bare cupboadrs have already begun to stock them through the draft, and they want players who can help NOW. Which is what we are looking for, too. Trading a disappointing underachiever for a disappointing underachiever is treading water for the franchise.

(Yes, I left Orange Jello off the list - he's not NHL-ready yet. Not because he doesn't have the skills, but he's not big enough to survive the pounding every night, especially on a team with physically challenged defensemen. Unfortunately, there's nothing left for him to learn in juniors.)

I also have a list of things that aren't his fault:

Opposing players stand around our net and in our crease without getting moved out or tied up.

Our forwards regularly get too close to the net to get those juicy rebounds.

Brad Boyes consistently makes bad shoot/pass decisions on the ice.

Players don't realize that they need to make themselves available for the pass when Perron goes into the corners/behind the net.

Erik Johnson thinks the only way to get out of the zone to is to skate/stick handle, or try the homerun pass.

Barret Jackman thinks he's Erik Johnson, and tries the same things.

Brad Winchester is invisible this year.

Paul Kariya is tiny and soft.

Andy McDonald is tiny and tough.

Cam Janssen can't be on the ice without being a defensive and offensive liability.

Keith Tkachuk is  willing, but old.

That the defense corps is undersized except for Polak and EJ - who is making second year defensemen mistakes.

We can't put the puck on net without any regularity.

Murray is not responsible for any of that. But this team is not performing to the level anybody expected, including him. Have the players tuned him out? I don't think so. I know what it looks like when a team quits on the coach (Keenan) and this isn't it. If you're ownership, what do YOU do?

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