NHL Officials

Some questions I offer to the more intelligent fans than myself...

1. I understand it is the policy of NHL officiating to favor original franchises, but where is this rule written?  Is it  a memo from the Great Gary Bettman?

2.  I believe it is also an unwritten policy for officials to actively work against certain franchises.  Therefore, who did the Blues piss off?

3.  Is it part of the officials training to make call they expect to happen even though they don't (anyone remember a 4 minute high sticking call earlier this year)?

4. How do you miss calls where the evidence is there staring you in the face for several minutes (a stick actually wedged in a visor or blood from a high sticking that results in a 2 minute minor)?

5.  How do you consistently miss things right in front of where the puck is?  I understand missing a call on the other side of the rink but if it's the person with the puck 5 feet in front of you...shouldn't you see that?

6.  Since I'm on the subject, why do refs at center ice call penalties in the corner when there is an alleged capable referee five feet from the play?

7. How do you allow retaliation and call the penalty?  If they retaliate, shouldn't they get a penalty too (Dallas)?

8. How many times have you seen a play where a team takes a blatant cheap shot that should require a minimum of 2 minutes shorthanded and that team ends up with a power play (I can think of at least four major ones and DALLAS was a big one)?

9. When goalies skate forward out of the crease and run into the back of a player facing center ice outside the crease, how is that goalie interference?

10. Why can't refs skate...if they can't make calls so get their fat asses out of the way.

11. How is there no penalty on a play or a penalty on another player but the league later believes the play is bad enough to warrant a multi-game suspension?  Shouldn't refs be able to recognize a play THAT dirty?

12.  Finally, why do they suck so bad?  Why are they the worst officials in all major sports?  Thank God for someone in Toronto watching 20 minutes of video to get some calls right...that is when tubby hasn't blown the play dead because he can't see when he's out of position.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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