David Perron

What is it about David Perron that Andy Murray and John Davidson don't like?  Does anybody have the answer to that?

He has been demoted to the Fourth Line.   To me, that immediately means that this is one of the best Fourth Lines in Blues history, perhaps since Jimmy Roberts and Jean-Guy Talbot skated as forwards during the 1960s.    If you doubt me, then you must tell me why you think that Perron's goal tonight was not perhaps one of the best of the season, and, in the over 40 years that I have been watching Blues hockey, one of the best I have ever seen.

The young French-Canadien (the only French-Canadien on our team) was not detered by being banished to the 4th line.  He stickhandled around an All-Star defenseman, and beat the goalie with a roofer, a Mike-Bossyesque shot. 

This goal was an amazing effort.  It is the type of goal that makes me want to keep my season tickets, even though the Blues' management have been screwing me over big time in the past couple seasons by raising my ticket prices while heavily discounting tickets for others. 

David Perron is the type of player I love to watch.  Yet, he is the type of player my beloved Blues love to hate, and to mess with.  My prediction is that, if Andy Murray is kept as coach, Perron will be gone within a year.

But why do Murray and Davidson hate this incredible talent?  Why do they cut him absolutely no slack?  This game tonight is a perfect example:  Perron is banished to the fourth line, yet he scores one of the most beautiful goals in Blues' history, even better than the one I saw Red Berensen score against the Rangers in a 2-4 loss in 1969.  Why do they hate Perron, and they love Backes and Oshie so much?  Don't get me wrong, I like Backes and Oshie, but those two were responsible for the loss tonight.  Oshie had an "own goal" on the Pred's second goal, and Backes should have cleared the puck out of the zone with about 12 seconds left tonight, and he failed to do so.   Yet, Murray and Davidson still have man-crushes on Backes and Oshie, and hate Perron.  Can you imagine what would happen to Perron if he had made the mistakes tonight that Oshie and Backes made??  

I admit, I do not know the answer about why Murray hates Perron.   On our crappy team, Perron is one of the very few Plus players, just as he was last year.  Murray always says he wants more focus or intensity or "urgency" from Perron, yet he puts out mercurial players like Boyes and Tkachuk and Jackman game after game.   I have my theory about why Murray does this to Perron, about why he cuts him no slack, but I do not really know Andy Murray, so I do not want to go there right now.  I am probably wrong and hope that I am wrong.  But there has to be some reason why the French-Candien Perron did not see the ice in overtime tonight.

Sad to say, but I think that it is very unlikely that Perron will be with the Blues for much longer.  He is too "something."   Cliff Ronning was too "small," yet he had a great 20-year career after we traded him.   Rod Brind'Amour was too much the "bod," but he is still playing and has won a Cup.  Joey Mullen was too "umm, now I am really stumped: we traded this guy for Gino Cavallini and Charlie Bourgeouis?"    My point is, the Blues trade guys like this because of some problem of the coach or management, and our team regrets it.


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