RFJCC's Spring Break Recap

Here it is, a full recap of my spring break. Hopefully this will provide you with some Sunday evening/Monday morning entertainment

Friday, March 20th- Arrived home to a wonderful steak dinner prepared by my mother. Then I trekked down to WashU to hang with an old friend who goes there. Unfortunately this night was slightly ruined by another friend who tried sneak into a casino and failed miserably. Thus we were forced to pick him up from the local police station and preventing me from seeing the end of the Calgary game. Fortunately part of the night was salvaged by a rousing game of Loaded Questions.(If you've never played I strongly recommend you go pick up a copy. Carnie you will be amazing at this game)

Saturday, March 21st- Spent the day unearthing Papes II from the basement and setting it up in my driveway. Then I decided to do a little damage to our friends from Detroit...If you havent seen it already

Sunday, March 22nd- Slept till noon and then fired up the cannon. This time some friends and I tried to set a new distance record. As google earth shows...a new record was set



Tuesday March 24th- Attended the first of my two Blues games during the week. This time with my friend and most of his dorm floor from WashU, many of whom had never even been to a hockey game.(minuse one kid who was a Fuckhawks fan, she took massive amounts of shit from me) Here are a few highpoints from the game...

- Stood mere feet from the towel guy, then gave him the finger and walked away.

- Got the group I was with on the jumbotron by telling the camera guy in the section that it was a good idea to 'film a bunch of rowdy college coeds'. He agreed but then the asshat only got the lower part of my torso in the shot.

- Got all the kids to first yell at the towel guy to jump and then yell at angela every time she showed up around the arena.

- Tried the convince the Fuckhawks fan that Towes and Sharp were gay together

- Oh yea and the Blues won....



- Here is the only photo taken of me at the game....Surprisingly it was during the one moment I was not yelling at either the players, the refs or angelllllla


Wednesday March 25th- Filmed the second of the 'detroit vs cannon' video. Tim Cheveldae did not survive

Thursday March 26th- Student night at the Blues game. This seemed like an awesome idea since i got sweet ass seats for 20 bucks but no one warned me about the people I would be seated with. Directly in front of me was a massive PDA couple who were so bad that I think I might have gotten an STD when I high-fived the guy after a Oshies goal. To my right was a kid who decided that it was too hot for a Blues jersey so he took it off and shoved it under his seat, the disrespectful douchebag. Finally to my left  was a lady who got super offended when I asked the ref if he was pregnant because he has missed a few periods. My friend later informed me that this lady was in fact bad. Fortunately I was able to take refuge during one of the intermissions outside of section 305 and when the Blues started kicking canadian ass nothing could get me down. I also took great joy in say goodbye to the Vancouver fans who left my section 4 minutes early. 

Friday and Saturday- Pretty much the same outside of a round of bowling with WebUkid. Slept most of the day and then went out into the night to  own the locals in drinking games, mainly beer pong. Sadly I was forced to dismantle to cannon on saturday and move it back to the basement till summer. All in all it was a pretty spectacular week



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