A Moment of Clarity

So I saw this little nugget in one of the links that averagejoe posted on Monday:

D Eric Brewer
23-16-6 (.578) since he was injured; 12-13-3 (.482) with him.

Which started the following train of thought:

The stat reminded me of this shitty article from the Post Disgrace:

Brewer's absence is costly

(Stick with me; I am leading up to something here.)

I remember this article vividly.  And not because I read it while trying to take a really difficult Detroit without the aid of a couple cups of coffee (I seriously had to 'Dukes of Hazzard' it out that morning), and not because I crumpled up the sports page and threw it against the wall.  Rather, the article represents the week that became the lowest point of the season for me personally.  I was quite frustrated and disappointed.  Not that I expected this team to make the playoffs once EJ wrecked his knee, but I did expect them to fulfill JD's promise that they would never be out-worked.  But our All-Star tender was letting in too many softies.  The young guys, though flashing moments of brilliance, had not really come into their own or shown the ability to take over a game.  The vets were disappearing for periods, and sometimes entire games, far too often.  Our record was 15-21-3, and the name Tavares was being thrown around more than a Granite City meth whore.

Tonight I think I finally began to appreciate what we've all experienced since then.  Sure I've been extremely wired and painfully nervous before and during each game the last few weeks, and I'm really starting to enjoy making an ass out of myself at local bars every time the Blues score, but this living-day-to-day-watching-the-scoreboards-on-an-emotional-roller-coaster shit has distracted me from the bigger picture.

I began to wonder how many other NHL teams could accomplish what our boys have without their captain/#1 defenseman.  Then I realized that this is just another layer to the ridiculous amount of obstacles the team has had to overcome just to get to the position they are in today.  Don't know about the rest of you, but the strongest relationships in my life are defined by overcoming adversities together with those people.  And I see those types of relationships forming with this team in the face of their adversities.  No longer just teammates, they are now brothers.  Even Perron is jumping asswipes that are fucking with his teammates.  And when DP got run a few weeks back, Strachan (with his, shall we say, unrefined fighting abilities) stepped up. And if anyone fucks with Strachan, there's gonna be a string of 'Notes lining up to get their licks in.  Mason stands tall for the five guys in front of him, and those five guys won't hesitate to sacrifice their bodies to return the favor.  Boys and princes are becoming men and kings in front of our eyes.  And their leader, who incidentally sounds like Kermit after a week-long bender, is making the right decisions and keeping his lines together, allowing the guys to bond at just the right time.  And we fans feel like we're a part of it all.  This is something special.  These days, my life seems to be a little more enjoyable than usual.  Remembering the low point tonight has made it even sweeter.

Maybe I'm being way too sentimental or perhaps I'm just a little too drunk, but I've lived and died with this team practically my entire coherent life.  And I don't know that I've ever felt this good about that.

Sorry if this rambling has annoyed anyone, but tonight I had this revelation, and I felt the need to share it.  What an awesome fucking time to be a Blues fan. 

Oh yeah, and Fuck the Blackcocks and Fuck Detroit.  In the ass, no lube, no reach-arounds.

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