Another tale from the road...

So last weekend I made the trek from Columbia to St. Louis in order to see The Black Keys live at Wash U's end of semester celebration(affectionately called WILD). So the bus pulls into Saint Louis Union Station at about 4pm on Friday and as I'm walking to the metrolink station, I see the Drinkscotch center and I sigh deeply thinking about how the season ended. Of course this grief didn't last long since the minute I got off the metrolink at Wash U my sister met me with a few shots of vodka and a hug. (You see WILD is basically an excuse for everyone at Wash U to start drinking at noon so my sister wanted to get me up to speed as fast as possible.) After my mouth stopped burning, we headed over to the frats where I met my sisters friends who all decided to remind me how much I looked like my sister.(it's truly one of the most annoying things ever) This was very painful until one of her guy friends came up to me, told me how much I looked like her and then handed me a full plastic boot of beer. (Think Beerfest, I'm not kidding) So I put that away and then headed off to find my friends who go to Wash U. Naturally they could be found in one of the dorms drinking heavily. Upon my arrival to my friends dorm I finish of one of my friends rum and coke and then crack open some more beer. Eventually we find me my friends and their entire dorm floor singing along to Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer' and it is at this point we decide that it is time to head off to the concert.

Now the journey to the quad of Wash U for the concert was nothing short of epic. Upon leaving the dorm many of us were surprised to find that it was still daylight out which when drunk is way stranger than it should be. Of course this was phenomenon was eclipsed by the group of students in front of us. It seems that one of them was so drunk that they decided to kick over a pair of trash cans and throw a patio chair all in front of a campus cop. This lead to a very interesting exchange of words between the cop, the guy and his girlfriend.

Cop- "Why'd you just throw that chair?"

Drunk Guy- "Ummm...."

Drunk Girl "What are you talking about? There are no chairs"(there are about 5 chairs within arms reach of all of them)

Cop-(To girl)- "Get out of here before I arrest you too"

Drunk Girl- "Alright alright, dont taze me bro"

Cop- "That's it! Both of you are coming with me!"

So after this and a stop to allow one of us to puke in a bush, we made it to the concert at about 7ish. The Black Keys didn't come on till about 9 so we all sat in the grass and watched the other groups perform while slowly starting to sober up. As the night wore on I began to get more and more excited until I glanced at my watch and realized that if not for some dubious officiating in game 4, the Blues game would have been starting in a few minutes. Disheartened, I let out another sigh which was apparently heard by a girl sitting a few feet away because it resulted in this conversation. (For accuracy, slur your words when reading this)

Girl- Whats with the sigh and long face

Me- Wha? Oh that..I was just lamenting (i use big words at Wash U to fit in) the fact that the Blues should have been playing right now if we hadn't gotten screwed by the NHL.

Girl- Well that stinks

Me- I know, I fucking love the Blues, but I also love the Black Keys so its hard to be sad but it's also hard to be excited

Girl- Well lets see if we can change that....

Me- Say what? Really? No Joke? Ok!!

Now I'll let you figure out what happened from here, but I would like to point out that in certain situations ,mentioning your profound love of the Blues can actually help you chances with women. It's strange and illogical, but then again women seem to have their own system of logic that is impossible for men to understand. All in all it was a freaking awesome night

-I RFJCC realize that this is a completely random post with almost no point and is way too long for anyone on this site to actually read


Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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