Thursday links: The Darkness kicks ass, I don't care what you say edition

Looks like a lot of you don't like The Darkness. I'm sorry that you can't recognize awesomeness, I really am. Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • If you can get past Derek Armstrong staring a hole through you ... you can read an interesting piece about the newest Blue -- a Blue I'm convinced makes the big club and plays significant minutes. [Blues]
  • A season preview of the 'Note. [Sporting News]
  • Carlo Colaiacovo is happy and, most importantly, healthy. He's going to have a big season for the Blues. So big, that the team trades one of its young puck-moving d-men in midseason for a scoring threat. My fearless prediction for the season. []
  • When David Backes talks, you listen. By the way, did anyone else notice Backes wore an 'A' in the preseason opener? [Sporting News]
  • Large Ben Bishop, who is a beast in NHL 09 based on his large frame, isn't in the doghouse with the Blues. []
  • JR chat. Go. []

Hockey news

  • Pre-season action from last night. [Yahoo!]
  • And here's a look at the not-real games going down tonight. [Yahoo!]
  • Manny Legace is happy in Atlanta. No more emo Manny? I'll believe it when I see his first post-loss post-game interview. [Sporting News]
  • Some former players are trying to become John Davidson. [Sporting News]
  • Patrik Elias is going to be out some time with a groin issue. Adjust your fantasy lineups accordingly. [TSN]
  • Theoren Fleury is really going to play in an NHL. Good luck? [TSN]
  • Interesting story about fake Twitter accounts. The Capitals are encouraging all players to get real accounts, so people won't be confused by fake ones. Roman Polak doesn't understand that fuss. [WaPo]
  • Which rookies will make an impact this season? Here's a guess at 10. [Puck Daddy]
  • Nikolai Zherdev talks about leaving the NHL for the KHL. [Puck Daddy]

Other links




The boss man Mr. Gallagher sent along a bunch of videos. This one made me laugh. From Senor Gallagher: "This has no relevance to the site, but it makes me laugh every time. plus a friend once pointed out that this is the essential difference between boys and girls - girls could never peer pressure a friend into doing this. With boys, it's inevitable."

Trampoline Claims Latest Victim - Watch more Funny Videos



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