Roman Polak: All That is Man.

You know, there was a time a last month when the Blues were in a bad way (Worse then we are now, at least. We aren't exactly out of the woods yet), we were discussing trades, and which players were tradeable. Eventually it got down to Roman Polak as one of the major names (along with Carlo Colaicovo), and while I was against it, I eventually admitted I could understand why he was a solid option.

A month later, I'm starting to believe that trading Roman would be a mistake. A huge huge mistake. Potentially of biblical proportions.

Lets just go through a rundown of the things that make Roman Polak fantastic, shall we

Military Grade Tank: Roman Polak is, for lack of a better term, a Man Beast. He's a big, tough dude who isn't afraid to throw his body around and finish a check.

Great Skater: For someone as big and strong as Roman is, he is simply a fantastic skater. To describe him as the best athlete on the Blues isn't an opinion. It's a fact.

Defensive Insticts: It is worth stating that he's not all just power, but he actually has a very strong sense of what he is supposed to do, and what his role is on the hockey club, and where he is supposed to be at all times. He's been a 1st pairing defensemen basically all season, and probably the most consistant D-Man on the team.

His Slapshot can (and will) cut you to ribbons: It might not be the most accurate Slapshot in the world, but lets be honest. If Roman Polak hits a puck at you as hard as you can, you might want to change your underwear during intermission.

He's only 23!: Just let this sink in for a moment. Roman Polak, who'se already a very good defensive stoper, and Olympian, is 23 years old. This, what were seeing on the ice right now? He's not in his prime yet. Hell, he might have 5 years of growth before he hits his prime. Does that terrify anyone else?


So, in conclusion, Roman Polak is awesome. Not only is he our best defensemen (and yes, I think it is time to start refering to him as such. He might not have the offensive talent of Johnson, but his mix of offensive and defensive talent is top notch), but I think he's going to keep getting better. We might have a ton of young, talented defensemen coming up through our pipeline, and I want to see them get chances. But Polak isn't expendable. He's a large piece of this franchise moving forward in my opinion, and the Blues would be wise to treat him as such.

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