Don't Tell Nobody. Blues Might Just Be Good. (defeat sharks)

Ol' Jammer wanted better in his retirn to St. Louis, but these aren't the days of Patrick Lalime any more, Jamal.

I once went to a great steak place in California that my friend and guide told me was the best kept secret on the West Coast. Having lived on the West Coast for four years at that point, I assumed my buddy was full of shit, because everyone on the West Coast has a "best kept secret" place that virtually everyone konws about. He then took me to a place called Sid's which looked like an former Wild West saloon and Tourist Trap Shoppe that had long since gone under and been left to dilapidate and fall into the ground under it's own weight.

Upon entering, we found a very in-business steak house with a very limited menu and a very varied (an exciting) group of patrons.

"Is that Mike Ness?" I asked.

"Yep," said the waitress, "Don't tell nobody." She said this as she slid a black menu to me that on its front only,


Don't tell Nobody.

Color me impressed.

I felt the same way walking out of the DrinkScotch tonight. Our Blues our playing unbelievably and are, well, I don't know where, wherever you say they are, somewhere near the top of the division and conference and whatever but it's still early so let's not get locked up in that.

And while I'd be happier if we'd all take a pledge to don't tell nobody, I have to say that I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend's roadie to Boston and New York. Here's why:

  • Alex Pietrangelo doesn't give a shit about your stupid Calder Trophy rules. He can't win it and he doesn't care. He just wants to be the best defenseman in the whole fucking world. Run. Tell. Dat.
  • David Perron ain't no soft Frenchie. The kid wants to skate, shoot and score. And if you take an illegal shot at his head, he's gonna take it out on you by scoring a goal. Then, when he goes to the net later and you try to take him off his game by punching him, he's going to drop his stick and punch you right in your stupid face too.
  • T.J. Oshie couldn't care less that he has only scored one goal. He's going to keep drawing your dumb ass to him and then hit the open guy with a beautiful pass for a goal.
  • Barret Jackman still thinks your an idiot. Don't believe him? Check out how he's looking at you.
  • Erik Johnson is a little tired of everyone saying that Pietrangelo might be better than him. You better check yo'self before yo wreck yo'self, fool.
  • Jaroslav Halak couldn't care less if you're trying to jinx him with your way-too-early Vezina talk and your jinxy "He might get a shutout" comments. Halak is all that is man.
  • Alex Steen might not be on the scoresheet, but he still might be the Blues' best player. For reals. Power play, check. Shorthanded, check. Great shot, check. Great playmaking, check. Great backchecking, check. Great forechecking, check. Winning the big battles on the ice and the small battles in the corners, check. Everyone wants Backes to be captain. In Sweden they have a king, so what the hell, Alexander Steen, King of the Blues.

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, but seriously, keep it quiet, the Hockey Gods are listening.

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