Biggest Blues wash-out evah!

Brad's informative post about Cajanek used the term "wash-out" and some debate followed. That got me thinking. Who IS the greatest Blues' washout ever?

It certianly couldn't be Petr, imho, because Petr was a late pick that actually performed a few seasons of NHL third-tier service.He was so late (8th round pick) you'd have to go 40 picks earlier (a round and a half) to get someone truely better at the NHL level. and THAT someone is Huet who is about to lose his nhl starter label yet again.


SO who is a true candidate depends on your definition of washout. Sure, Todd Reirdon, and Libor Zabranski didn't do much  but as a 12th and 9th round pick, and in Todd's case by a different team,  would mean that getting a half a season of solid play eliminates them from being a wash-out.


So that would leave us with two types to be considered. First would be a high pick, or touted free agent that failed in every aspect or second, a young player the Blues owned that they gave up on, only to see him have a solid (or even spetacular) career elsewhere.


I'm going to nominate a handful of players and give my reasoning, I ask for others to nominate any player or any type they feel qualify beacuse I am interested in knowing if we could agree on what a Blues' washout would be.


1) Jason Marshall. Jason was a 9th overall pick and touted the day he was selected until the end of his Blues career (2 games and six seasons later) every training camp his play was hyped and his spot on the team assured. every training camp he was sent down. He was eventually traded to the Ducks where he would spend most of his defensive NHL career, some 525 games or so. When the Blues did give up on him they traded for Bill Houlder, a player they made as expendable as Jason just much much faster.


2) Marty Reasoner. Mike Keenan hates draft picks. He got, and derserved, the label as an ejector of every pick he could and demoter of every young kid he got during his coaching and managing careers. In St. Louis, the situation was against him, as many Blues' picks were long gone, and having the Draft in St. Louis one year. Iron Mike was forced to hold his pick, and later in a cost cutting frenzy Iron Mike picked up picks for Essa and the like giving the Blues more picks than history could have predicted. Marty, Iron Mike's Blues cornerstone pick,  was 14th overall. Danius Zubrus was 15th.. and Marty started out in the dog house. Keenan ACTUALLY told the media he didn't want to draft Marty (or anyone) but that he would have been lynched by the fans if he had no 1st rounder. Every year he, the coach, would claim he would play Marty more, while he, the GM, tried to axe Marty. the results were mixed at best.  Marty was converted (along with the player i liked most of the Keenan "youth" movement Hecht) for Doug Weight. But Marty never became a first rounder anywhere in his NHL travels.


3) Mike Van Ryn. Van Ryn was a god. supposedly. A late first round pick of the Devils Van Ryn was the second NHL player to exploit a loop hole which allowed him to escape the Devils and become a free agaent. The loophole? After college Mike went down to the OHL and signed a contract. This contract superseeded his Nhl draft rights should he fullfill his OHL obligations. SO a season in the O lead to a big big big big big big big payday with the BLues. Highest of all bidders for the Van Ryn Express (as our media began instantly calling him). I used to know how excessive the pay was but  I no longer do. Thank Amber Boch for picking the right brains cells occasionally. Anyway what did we get for screwing the Devils, and circumventing the draft rules and several million dollars? 69 games. 11 points. and Valere Bure. Van Ryn didn't blossom elsewhere either or even Bialik anywhere. Currently Mike is rehabing after potential career ending surgery.

last of my list


4) Rod Brind' Amour. Rod Brind' Amour?!!? What? Well this would definately be a player the Blues gave up on that became great. Rod (a 9th overall pick) should be considered a top 5 Blues draft picks of all time. However Caron didn't like his skating, nor did he like Cliff Ronning's size. Ronning was shifted in the Butcher deal, Rod would be given two season's in the Note, but when his second season became a sophmore slump, Rod was immediately traded for Murray Baron. Rod would play over 1200 games after leaving the note, win a cup, and the selkie two consecutive seasons. I think he is still playing. Baron retired 6 seasons ago.



Who else is a candidate?

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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