02/08 Road Music: @ Colorado Avalanche

This past 3-game span may have been good prep work for what lies ahead...

Look, I'm as disappointed as anyone about the losses to SJ and CHI, but I think that if you step back from the scoreboard, you can see some positives to take from those games (Why don't you take a good look at yourself and describe what you see). Overall, I think the Blues played pretty well with those two very talented teams. Not once did I get the feeling that we were being dominated. If you sat someone down and had them watch that last home game against CHI and edited out the goal-scoring, I don't think anyone would be able to tell which team was leading the other - it was that even. The final decision was determined by the fact that CHI made the most of their opportunities, and the Blues did not.

Having to face those opponents for 3 games in a row were an opportunity to fail on a spectacular level. And the Blues did not. Now, can they maintain that level of play against lesser opponents? Or will there be a measurable let-down? That is the question. If they keep up this tempo, and improve by finishing on the inevitable scoring chances that come, we will win.

Now, as for the enemy tonight...

Do not underestimate this Avalanche team. They have had a dramatic turn-around from last year. They started off very hot, cooled for a bit, but have now resumed some very competitive play, going 6-4-0 in their last 10 games. They have been bolstered by a white-hot goaltender in Craig Anderson. In the past month, he has established a 1.66 GAA and an ungodly .946 save percentage, including 3 shutouts. The dude is good. ("Hey, Boy, do you wanna score?" ) They have also brought in some young talent to their roster, names that you may have never heard before, but will definitely hear more about tonight, and in the future: Duchene, Galiardi, McLeod, O'Reilly, Stewart, Yip .... These guys area all making a serious contribution to the team, which figures to be the 4th youngest in the league. While they may be just benefiting from lowered expectations, it could also be said that ...

Folk down there really don't care,...Which, which way the pressure lies.

Misty Mountain Hop (live)  / Led Zeppelin

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And, as always, this is your pre-game pre-party. The puck drops at 8:30 St Louis time. Until then, gather here, chat about the Super Bowl, rate the various ads, and discuss the usefulness of aquatic animals as sex toys.

Until then ... remember when Craig Anderson was only known for checking out the ice girls?








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