Offseason Changes

I've neen wanting to write this post for a while but never got around too it.  There have been ideas and theories rolling around in my head I think make absolute sense but never get a chance to discuss them so here I am not doing my homework at 11, gotta wake up in 7 hours writing this fanpost, here it is.


The 2010/2011 St. Louis Blues.



Contract Expires.


Tkachuk -Gone

Steen- Keep


Winchester-UGH-Ideally we minor league him for a year but hes a UFA and I think management is crazy enough to keep him, wish we could free his spot up but im not sure.

Janssen - Keep

King - See winchester.  Hoping hes gone but I don't know.


Line LW-C-RW

1 Perron - AndyMac - Boyes

2 Oshie - Iceburg - Backes (was Backes left or right?)

3 Steen - Jay- Cromb

4 ? - Stasney- Killa Cam

Ideally we would grab a guy worth 5-6 mil off UFA to fill in our top line but there ain't anything available this offseason.  There might be a few teams who can't afford their RFA and we trade for their rights but I'm not sure who they would be.  If we are going to get any help this year offensively it will be from within or trade.  The kid line will step it up offensively over what we were this year most likely.  The whole team was just flukishly bad and hopefully the kids will mature enough to provide competent offense.  I'm not sure who to call up for the last 3 forward spots.  I think Stas gets one.  People will say Eller but it's not entirely about skill, the kids gotta get physically and mentally ready for playing in the NHL, having him chill in "The Peoria" for a while is going to help his development.  I think we sign an Armstrong/Hinote type on the fourth line and possibly drazenovich.  If we want to be a playoff team next year the players we currently have sitting on this roster need to play better.


My first line is pretty small but I think the entire top six is really interchangable.  If Boyes doesn't play like hes top line material we might be sunk, he doesn't get the attention of the kids but hes a 40 goal scorer and has to get his shot back if we want to win.  Either Boyes starts producing or we overpay for a goal scorer, our options are limited there unless Perron develops faster than hes currently showing.  Iceburg is turning it around and I think he has a breakout year next year.  Oshie can be a playmaker, he doesn't have the scoring touch the other guys do but hes got a ton of skill and energy.  He can dig the puck out from the corners and he makes good passes so I don't think he will hurt the team being on a scoring line.  I'm not entirely sold on Backes being an offensive threat.  I think realistically hes a 25 goal scorer from here on out who brings a ton more to his line than just points.  AndyMac is who he is, not very big but he can make points happen.


Our third line is money in the bank and I wouldn't change them.  If we could get stempniak back for 2.5 mil I would do that move in a heartbeat, hes a extremely good 2 way player up in Toronto who was getting a lot of points on a crappy line.  Having Stemp/Jay/Steen/Cromb rotating the third line being both an offensive and defensive threat is just a fantastic asset.  Our fourth line is what it is, they will bring energy/hits/spare parts for the other 3 lines and thats really all you can ask.



Johnson -Resign

Cola- Resign








Theres really not a lot to say here.  We could use a first line D-Man for about 2-3 years while pie develops.  Unfortunately I don't see one coming up for sale in our price range for the years we need.  If we do manage to get one in the offseason we drop weaver and roll Jack/newguy/Polak on the first time and have that shift everyone else down accordingly.  If we drop weaver anyway I think we will probably call up Strachan or Junland and make them our 7th man.  Most likely Strach since junland needs the playing time in the AHL.  The only real changeup that would happen here is if we don't resign Cola, in which case we need an offensive D-Man from somewhere.  Pie in, sydor out, end of story.




I really don't know about Mason.  If we resign him for 2 years at 4 mil it won't break my heart but at the same time if we wan't to go the distance we need better.  Mason will let in 1 weaksauce goal a night and give you some solid tending the rest of the way.  I don't think hes a great goaltender but hes still a good one and I'm just not entirely sure what to do with him.  I think this decision is made for the blues already though because there are never any goaltenders on the market.  If halak comes on the market we make a run at him, Slide tackling atlanta goalie, one of nashvilles goalies, who else is out there for us to pick up?  I'd be happy to see if we can turn a young backup who show's potential into the starter but that's what weve done with Mason and really he is performing well for us.  If there's a reasonably priced upgrade over Mason out there we take it, if not we resign Mason for 4 mil and go from there.



As we sit right now were 6 mil under the cap.  Losing Kariya/Walt/Winny/Sydor/King gives us about 11mil in cap money to work with.


Steen -Half a mil(2.5)

Perron - 2.5 mil(3-3.5)

Janssen-Stay same.

The 3 replacements for the 4th line will cost about .5-1mil.



Johnson-Makes 1mil but has a 3.7cap hit because of bonuses for being first overall.  He actually hasn't done anything for the blues aside from show potential.  If we bump him up to 4mil I think he takes it.

Cola-Hes a UFA and can ask anywhere from 2mil-3.5mil, us signing him really depends on what hes asking for.  If its just 2.5 mil we make that deal.

Weaver Stays the same.

We add Pies cap hit to the roster for 3 mil.


Mason maybe gets a mil raise, I don't know.

Payroll Cuts=11ish

Payroll addition=9ish.

Leaves us about 7mil to add a big player if the opportunity is there.  To me this is ideally what we pick up somehow, most likely through trades.

1st line forward for 4-6mil for 3-5 years.

1st line Defense for 3-5 mil for 2 years.

Elite goaltender for 6 mil-3 years.

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