Fucked eight times...with no kissing before!

1. @ Colorado:  First, the interference call on Oshie as two guys are just falling over each other to get the puck which gives the Avs the 3-2 lead on Yip's PP goal. Then, the Worst:  Oshie's goal is not only disallowed, he's given a penalty... even though he never touched the puck, or even hooked the Avs player.  The Avs defenseman swiped the puck into the net BEFORE any Blue touched the puck, signalling the dumbass ref ( Dennis LaRue) to stop play.   So, even if there WAS a legit penalty, the goal should have counted.  How pathetic that LaRue doesn't know the rules and Dean Morton didn't bother to correct him.  For all practical purposes, the game ended right there.

2. Chicago:  Disallowed goal on a "lost sight of puck" call, that ONLY the refs lost sight of.  Everybody in the building (including tv replays) saw that the puck was NEVER covered up and Boyes had every right to stuff it in.  That would have cut the 'hawks lead in half and given the Blues some much needed momentum.   Steen's late goal would've gotten the Blues to OT.  But, noooooooooo...instead, Blues fans were forced to endure the taunts and heckling by the visiting red-clad assholes from Chicago, especially the dolts in sec. 105 who tried to drunkenly do the power play dance.

3. San Jose:  Blues down 2-1 midway through the second period. Phantom slash call on Boyes gives the Sharks a PP goal and the Blues could not recover, despite playing a great game, getting 37 shots on goal. 

4. @ Chicago: Blues win a close one, but the called high-stick that was suddenly disallowed deprived them of a much needed PP.   The boys managed to win despite the lop-sided officiating.

5. Columbus: Roman Polak's shamefully weak "roughing" call while killing a penalty puts the Jackets up 2-1. The Blues were able to come back and tie the game, but lost in ot. 

6. @ Vancouver: The Second Worst: Henrik Sedin gets his RIGHT hand tapped by Paulie Kariya near the end of the game. Sedin skates away from the puck and starts shaking his LEFT hand in great pain.  Kariya gets a slashing penalty, not called by the ref right there in the defensive zone, but  called by the ref out at center ice, and the Canuckleheads score on the  ensuing PP, winning a squeaker, 2-3.   

7. @ Ottawa: One of the Senators forwards steps on Oshie's stick midway through the third period and falls. Oshie is called for a tripping, Ottawa  scores on the  PP and wins another 2-3 squeaker.  

8. Anaheim:  With the score tied 2-2 late in the third period, Ryan Getzlaf deliberately goes knee-to-knee with Jackman, tripping him AND interfering with him in front of our own net,  right in front of the ref.  Of course, there is no call and the Ducks score the go-ahead goal while Barret was left sprawled out on the ice.  They came back, but lost in a shootout.

No surprise the boys go 1-5-2 during these eight games.

(Thanks to D.J. Axeom for the inspiration for all this bitchin' and getting if off my chest.)

Hoping someone will mention some stuff I probably forgot about, I am:


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