Season Ending Farewell

As I sit here and write this the smell of grass my neighbor just cut is blowing in my window.  Its mixed with the smell of honeysuckle that grows just outside and makes a pretty poetic and beautiful smell that fills me with energy and desire.  Spring is always an awesome time for a beginning and for an ending.  While this isn’t permanent the season has come to an end and we will drift apart, going our separate ways as friends tend to do.  Some of you will return, some won’t, old faces will be replaced by new.  While the site will still be here I felt like writing to say goodbye to the season, not so I can leave this one behind but so I can say hello to the next. 

Next year is always so more sweet than the last and we can thank our luck as blues fans for that.  Unlike has beens and scrubs that will never amount to anything, we never have to look back and say “Well we were good once” desperately clinging to the past.  The blue note doesn’t just have a future, the blues ARE the future.  I have always lived in a small towns and some of my fondest memories are visiting my grandparents in stlouis, driving around the city.  There always seemed like so much to do, it was always such a bright happy place, beautiful people, always so warm(fuck you Missouri summer) that it makes my heart …not unblack just ya know less black than it previously was.  This is how I feel about the blues, we are the future, we never have to cry because it is over because the next time will always be better.  Thank god you’re a blues because the desire that fills a true fans heart is a sensation I have no words to describe, no picture to paint, no feeling to compare.  We can always look forward to how happy we will feel when we win it all for the first time.  The desire is something that unites us as fans and satisfaction is the death of desire.

The ending of books is always the worst part of the story but don’t cry from sorrow that this story is ending.  Cry from joy that in a short amount of time we will get to start a new one together.  I will miss everyone here, I will miss talking to everyone, I will miss seeing the excitement brought by everyone, I will miss the trolls and the douches because without sadness we wouldn’t know happiness, I will miss talking to daily the people I would call my friends.  I will miss the stories and the excitement of seeing people grow and knowing about your lives.  I will miss hearing the stories and hijinks everyone brings. 

I will miss having Carnie say something like “OMG im so bored.I bought some water balloons at the store today but have nothing to do with them I just did it on impulse because they are all rubbery and reminded me of the surgical tubing I stole from the science lab.  I wish my whore roommate would get her bras off the floor.” Without fail followed by a story that starts along the lines “OMG I just got done talking to my RA you will never guess what happened.”  I look forward to the new stories I will hear next year.

I sat in GDTs with nothing to say sometimes and simply went through the process, now I stand here at the doorway pouring out my thoughts not knowing when to stop.  I had a nice ending to this post thought up and yet here I am and can’t remember it.  Saying hello is easy and im lucky that its so hard to say goodbye.  Why do I write such an elaborate goodbye?  So you will remember me fondly the next time I say Hello.

Goodbye my friends, until we meet again.  Forever and ever Lets Go Blues.


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