Last Night

I also made this post on the coyote's page, but the post here will have more details because I know it won't get deleted =)

And I have no fucking idea why I still remember everything that happened last night, normally I don't, so you guys get a special treat I guess.

So last night before the game started I was in a kind of grumpy mood and didn't feel like going crazy. I just wanted a chill night and I had already set up camp in my dorm room when my friend called.

"Hey do you want to come over and watch the wings game with us?" ~ Friend

"Uh... no thanks, I am currently working on something, we can hang tomorrow" ~ Me

*hang up phone

I was commenting on the GDT when my friend calls again

"Hey we just stopped at Liquor One, and now we are on our way to pick you up."  ~ Friend

"Um.... ok, I'll mee you out front." ~ me

Since they were already on their way, liquor in hand, I could not be rude and refuse this offer. But I was still in a pissy mood because I had to pack up all my shit and blah blah

So I told everyone on the coyote's GDT, "Drinking game anyone? I will take a shot for every goal, either team." At that point only one goal had been scored, so I assumed it would be a slow night. I had to wait until I got to my friend's place to take my first shot though.

So I get there and immediately take a shot. And since nothing much was happening I said, "Oh what the hell? Fuck it I am taking another." So down goes another. And then a fucking flurry of goals happen after that, I could barely keep up. So long story short, I ended up taking 7 or 8 shots in 20 or so minutes. So needless to say, I got SUPER fucked up.

I tried to keep telling people on the GDT either a) I couldn't feel my body or b) eafhfadjkerjaeirhgajbkg (god dammit I have to take another shot, I kept doing that even after my friends cut me off because I kept thinking I had to do more). Normally I am a very manageable, happy drunk. But last night I was kind of an asshole, that is not normal for me. But neither is taking that many shots in so little time, anyways....

They tried offering me pizza, but at that point I could no longer feel my limbs, so when they handed me the plate the pizza immediately fell on my keyboard sauce-side down. I started yelling, "someone help me!!! SOMEONE SAVE MY COMPUTER THERE IS FUCKING PIZZA SAUCE ON MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!" My very nice friends took the computer away so wipe the pizza sauce and grease off my keyboard. And I am happy to report that the computer is just fine.

Anyways, I was so fucked up that I kept screaming at my friends, "TOO DRUNK GO HOME!!!!" And whenever they tried to reason with me by saying something like, "Why don't you just crash here, we'll take care you." "NO!!! NO!!! TOO DRUNK GO HOME!!!" So my very nice friend walked me back to my dorm.

And anytime we passed someone I would say to them, "Don't get as drunk as me.... THAT'S BAD!!!" So when we got back to my dorm, I took him to the snack shop and bought myself a coke and an ice cream sandwich. I let my friend buy whatever he wanted and I would pay for it.... I think it may have been a bag of chip?... Maybe....?

So my friend took me up to my room to drop me off, and I walk in to my roommates who were watching tv and I whisper to them, "I am SO drunk right now, please don't be angry with me!!!" Because the last time I came home obliterated they were very upset with me, I don't really understand why, but anyways..... I had taken the sheets off my bed earlier that day so my sister could take them to get them washed. So I asked my friend to help me put the new sheets on.... but that was a failure, so I collasped onto the pile of blankets that were on the floor.

And somehow I ended up on the futon with my all blankets.

and the best part of the story????




Thank you Liver.... you are a fucking beast.


~ Carnie

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