Blues Prospect Jonas Junlund leaves AHL for FBK Select team?

EDIT FROM AVERAGEJOE: Confirmed. The Peoria Journal-Star is reporting young Jonas Junland turned down a one-way $500K deal and is going to the Swedish Elite League. More on this later, I presume.

After seeing this J Rutherford tweet I googled our prospect Junland in the news.

I didn't see much, except what I posted below.  I pumped the garbled Swedish text through the Google translator and came up with this garbed text:

Original Link.

Bang: Junland to FBK

"NHL is still my goal" Jonas Junland leaving North America after two seasons in the AHL. But he will not move back to Linköping. On Friday it became clear that he chooses in the game Farjestad in a move to the parent club. 
- I needed no further consideration before I decided, "said 22-year-old.

Two strong seasons in the AHL has not been sufficient to establish the Jonas Junland the NHL club St. Louis Blues. St. Louis Blues. Now select the young slope therefore to return home to Sweden to play in premier league. 

Somewhat surprisingly, it will be not playing in the parent club Linkoping. Instead, select Junland game in tough betting Farjestad. Now he has signed a one-year contract with the club.

Once we realized that Jonas was available so we acted quickly and met Jonas. Sedan gick allt övrigt riktigt smidigt. Then everything else went really smoothly. We expect to Jonas installs itself in Karlstad during the next few days and they connect to the public workout on Monday or Tuesday next week, "said sporting director Thomas Rundqvist to

Junland has 27 goals and 75 points in 144 AHL games the last two seasons and also played two All-Star games in the league farms. Trots det har det bara blivit fyra NHL-matcher med St. Although it has only been four NHL games with St.. Louis Blues. St. Louis Blues. Now he hopes that a season in the premier league will give him the lift to the NHL.

I have been completely open with, while the FBK very high goals for the coming season and I can participate in and help where it will be a very good solution for both parties, "said East Gute.

FBK and Thomas Rundqvist gave a very good impression and I needed no further consideration before I decided. So I announced my plans for Blues and my goal is to one day play again for the Blues.

Right now is not money but the important thing is to get the best position for development and games in a really good line, continues Jonas Junland.

He scored 25 points (4 +21) in 97 appearances for the parent club before moving to North 2008th

Uffe Bodin Uffe Bodin uffe.bodin @

What say you SLGT Prospect Dept. and SLGT readers/commenters?  Is this a good move for him?  for the Blues?  I don't know enough about player development, Junland, OR the Select teams to know.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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