Local Blues' Investment Possibilities

a list of potential local interests with the downside preventing them from being immediately embraced by the Checketts group

Dirt Cheap. Sure they are the last refuge of the persecuted smoker but they are demanding an in-house smoking section consisting of the first 5 rows and they also want to change Louie into a chicken or at least put a leotard on him to cover his bear behind. Davidson said to be nervous with the groups history of forcing out their presidents.

JIm Campbell. He has actually already printed up the signage " No matter what the ice girls tell you there is positively no sex in the champagne suite." The problem stems form the fact that JIm's financial input will drop from the low 20's in years one and two  to a mere 5 in his third year.

John Auble. He wants to move the team closer to the riverfront. then to st. charles. then maybe Illinois, but probably New Orleans. On the plus side the Blues are way ahead of him on implimenting John's demands than the game be turned into a dinner theatre and plans to make audience participation mandatory- that the fans should be required to boo the villians when cued has already been implemented.

Ralston- Purinea. They are pretty much offering the Blues exactly what they already have and there is no love for  the idea of a Checketts board squared.

Anheiser-Busch. Inbev is thinking about divesting a&b of all entertainment properties so a move to hockey is the logical choice. If Disney can't make hockey as american as one women-seven tiny men families are, perhaps the Belgians can. After all what could be more American than Smurfs, Hooverphonic, and Dr. Evil.

Chuck Berry. Chuck's proposal was initially a cause of great joy to the Checketts group until they realized Chuck only wanted to own half of the Arena's public restrooms.

Jack Dorsey. Contract talks are going very slow as both sides are forced to submit the legal documents via tweets Currently they are up to section 2 line 5 of Checkett's conterproposal.

Ted Drewes. While this seems a great fit rumors are already swirling that it will be Dottie in charge of the purse strings, and Ted's insistance that the kiel garage be converted to xmas tree sales during Decemeber have upset some on Checketts team.

Jon Hamm. While an almost idea offer, his insistance in putting up his share in a wagonload of Sacagawea dollars Jon's had "since the old barn days" has the Checketts team worried since they didnt exist back then.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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