Old Berglund Interview

So, friends. Wanna learn Swedish? What do you mean, no??! Fan ta you, stupid Americanos. And here I am bringing you the perfect opportunity to increase you vocabulary. Just listen to Patrik Berglund as you read my little translation of an interview made in early June, below. Don't just listen. It's a video, and, like all Swede's, Patrik's one handsome S.O.B. You're welcome, ladies.

Anyhooo, it's nothing special or revolutionary, just thought I'd share.


Reporter: So, Patrik Berglund, how does it feel being home in Västerås again?
Berglund: Uhm, feels very good, of course. It's always fun to come home and meet friends and family. So, I have to say, it's nice to be home for a while.
Reporter: And what are your plans for the summer here in town?
Berglund: Well, I won't stay too long, I'm off again on July first, I think. So it's only for a month, not even that long actually. Mostly, I'll be working out, keeping things going. No real vacation or anything, that's past already. Just hang around, spend some time with friends and my family, I'll just try to make the most of my time here.
Reporter: You have played two NHL seasons with St Louis now. First season was a success, the second one was... O.K. What have you learned these past two years?
Berglund: I think I've learned alot. After my first season in the NHL, I basically think my career was heading straight up. I never really had to experience any setbacks and so on. And then the next year, I think it's a good thing I got to... It wasn't any fun at all when I was way down in the pit, but, I really got to taste adversity the first half of the season, and that was really hard, of course. I never got my game going, I was a healthy scratch a couple of times, and that stung pretty much at the time. But then I really feel I got going a little more at the end of the season, and then you start thinking that it's probably a good thing that I've had a taste of both adversity and success -- that can make you a stronger player.
Reporter: And now you've started developing yourself even more with your training, if I understand things correctly. What changes have you made to your training?
Berglund: Well, it's really not that big of a change. I've gotten a different training program from St Louis, which I'm following. We're doing things in phases, one phase per month, so it's four different training phases during the summer. It's really not that big of a difference, but I've planned alot of extra sessions for myself, which hopefully will develop me even further and prepare me for the coming season.
Reporter: Per Mårts is the new coach for Tre Kronor (the Swedish national team), he has a good eye for you. If he comes calling and you feel healthy, will you come and play for the national team?
Berglund: Absolutely. I think I will always say yes to play for Tre Kronor, if I'm healthy and fresh, That's something everybody wants, I think. So of course, I'd love to represent my country again.

That's all. Now I'm hungry.

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