a rec to johnny mac's sporting goods

the Sean party involved someone here (whom i must not name) who does some linkage (but i'm still not going to name him) screwing with my mind about an old skool french canadian blues commercial. I've falled at trackage of the commerical in question especially the version with marc "thow the puck in my own net" bergevin singing 'bad boys' inna cop uniform


I even decided to email the usual suspect, Johnny macs as they are the elite local sporting goods store and a place I've had nothing but the best service from the few times i have shopped there. their respose after the bump

Thank you for your kind words regarding our company.

The commercial in question pre-dates my time in this position.
I can, however, say with some certainty that it was not a Johnny Mac's
There is nothing in our archives that matches this description.

If memory serves, it may likely have been a spot promoting the St. Louis
Blues "BlueNote" shops.

Best regards,

Brandon R. McKinney
Advertising & Marketing Director


i forwarded the email to linkage and responded with my thanks. but i really wanted to share this here for two  three reasons.


1) i filled out a net form, the email was judicially transfered to the marketing and advertising setion where a supervisor took the time to answer my off-topic question. I seldom get that level of excellant service while droppoing huge wads o cash. If I'm more than eager to share when businesses fail to understand that customer service isn't a four letter word I am equally motivated to share when someone goes out of their way, even (or perhaps especailly) on a triviality. SHOP JOHNNY MACS. :)


2) i'd like to see the commercial again, so now peeps not at the party can join in the hunt. if it is a blue note sports shop ad would that have been a woodcockain production? would the blues still have it. will they answer inquires on it? thoughts?


and a bonus


3) as i type i am reminded of not even knowing that the bergie commercial existed until it was mentioned and returned from the vast recesses of my brain where it was lying in wait and destroying my grasp of "reverse polish notation" and what the heck a natural log really was. what is the the oldest blues specific commercial you remember? the check back in the checkerdome exists on youtube, but i'm not sure i remember it independently of the youtube vid. the bergiue commerical series I do remember.

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