Game Over. But does it really mean anything

Preseason games dont count for a reason, now switching sports the Indianapoilis Colts for example have now gone 4 straight preseasons without a win, and there team has yet to not make the playoffs with a sizable gap in the division. Now it was great to see how the team would preform, and there were many things that I am a little bit weary of, but also things that i would love to see continue into regular season. So does this 3-1 loss to Col. really matter. Real Men will rebound.

Good, Likes, Keepers, and what not:

Faceoffs: The Blues had the uncanny ability today to just win faceoffs winning 66 percent of them. Center Dave Scatchard I was very impressed with his poise and focus on the rink today just about pulling off all 11 of his faceoffs but lost one of those in the third.

Shots: There was very aggressive play in the offensive end today and with Brad Boyes up there with the charge some of these 34 shots would have hit the back of the net.

Hits: 28 to 16 in favor of the Blue Crew, the D was playing very physical, some ending up in penalties, but the knocks definitely got to the Colorado team, and if anybody saw that fight which threw out 4 or 5 penalties to both sides, well it was a good sign, playing hard for the win, the want to was obviously evident in this one.

The shorty: Only goal scored today was by the Swede, Patrick Burglund. 

Bad, Ugly, Fixable, the Stuff coach scratches his chin about:

Penalties are always and issue: Even with the fight there were a combined 44 penalty minutes recorded, and around 30 in a single minute. Being physical=Good, Getting caught=Bad

Goaltending hate to say it: Well with the Goaltending fixed, for now Jaroslav Halak played his debut, which was not his best game to say the least, but once he gets settled in he will be like the upset wall like last years playoffs.

Too Much Celebration: Well normally when you score a goal in NHL you get over it, move on, and keep playing but midway in the second after Patrick Burglund's shorthanded goal, well just about half a minute later in fact the Aves responded, not something the Blues squad would like to be falling back on. Everyone learns.

The Blues are men and the preseason to tell only counts if they let it get to them. So gain back the momentum and get ready for the real deal.

GO BLUES!!! Post a comment what do you like or dislike about this game.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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