Monday Links: My Big Johnson Has Golden Globes Edition

PCS is in a fist-fight with his Internet and currently losing, so I'm here to feed you on this Monday morning.

Blues News:

  • Rutherford with your usual write-up on a day devoid of a Blues game.  Spoiler: special teams blow. [Post-Dispatch] 
  • The tagline says it all. "The Streakiest Streaky Team in the NHL" is no exaggeration. Thanks to our fanged friends at On the Forecheck, we've got statistical proof. In return for this information, Game Time offers some advice: get a less generic name for your Predators blog. Maybe, "From the R-"oh wait. Shit. [On the Forecheck]
  • Ian Cole took in a fight and some dumbshit penalties during his latest promotion. He'll be taking his talents back to P-Town. []
  • Former Blues executive, Peter McLoughlin, talks Blues hockey and his run so far as president of the Seattle Seahawks. Nice of them to show up yesterday. [KMOX]
  • (12:05 PM EDIT) How dare important news get put up after the links do?  That Wellwood dude is now a Blue.  Waiver time. [TSN]
Hockey News:
  • Congratulations to Teemu Selanne, who scored his 1,300th NHL point last night. [NHL Video]
  • Could the NHL Premiere Series make its way to Moscow? Puck Daddy dishes with help from ESPN's Pierre LeBrun. [Puck Daddy]
  • The latest in jersey changes for the 2011-2012 season. Terrible Reebok designs? Out. Tradition? In. [Icethetics]
  • Also, from Icethetics, a look at the pinstripe-happy All-Star jerseys, front to back. [Icethetics]
  • Before beating the Rangers 3-2 yesterday, the Flyers held an outdoor practice in Central Park. Very cool. A Blues practice at Shaw Park would be great if that inch of melted ice would freeze.  Come on, weather, it's fucking January. [Flyers Video]
  • ESPN's weekend wrap-up touches on the limping Red Wings roster, the teams named to next year's overseas games, Todd McClellan's job security and more. [ESPN]
Other Stuff
  • A guy named Matt Peter dropped a nice, detailed e-mail in our Links Box 3000 over the weekend to advertise his new sports blog, "Stub Story," where every ticket stub tells a story. Please, check this site out as it's a great read for any sports fan. [Stub Story]
  • Reminder: blow-up dolls are not suitable flotation devices. [Gawker]
  • Did anybody see Ricky Gervais just lay into people last night at the Golden Globes? So incredible. What used to be a snooze-fest of an award show is now must-see TV with him hosting. Too bad that his merciless jokes will probably force the HFPA to find somebody else. [Yahoo! OMG!]
  • Christian Bale won a Golden Globe for his supporting role in "The Fighter" last night. Next year? He's tackling Kermit. [The Daily What]
Monday Video

He is just so delightfully inappropriate. Can somebody tell me how "The Tourist" (sucks ass, by the way) is a "comedy and/or musical?"

PCS should return tomorrow. Welcome him back like an estranged cousin.  

If you've got links, you know where to send them (gametimelinks AT gmail DOT com). I'll be going back to my FanShotting and ass scratching now.

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