Friday Links: That Was Long Edition

The Bruins award ceremony thing before the Flyers @ Bruins game was looooong. I was able to watch Phil Kessel skate down the wing and shoot; Phil Kessel skate down the other wing and shoot;and Phil Kessel skate down one wing, circle back and skate down the other wing and shoot.

Blues News:

  • I don't even know. Dan O'Neill. [Post Dispatch]
  • Let's look at the BB's. Brett Sterling, signed by the Blues this past summer, will stop scoring against the Rivs. Assuming he doesn't go all EJ on us. [PJ Star]

  • TJ's article is up on PD and focuses on staying injury free. I hear ya brother. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • Preview of today's hockey in Europe. Check it out starting at noon, if you can. [The Hockey News]

  • Review of last night's opening night. Marchand scored the 1st goal of the season, Jagr got his 1600 point, Canucks lost in a shootout, Matt Cooke scored two goals, nobody watched the Habs/Leafs game . . . [Habs/Leafs] [Flyers/Bruins] [Penguins/Canucks]
  • Minus the whole Playoff thing, this article could be read about the Blues. [The Washington Post]
  • Minimalist NHL Teams posters. From Puck Daddy, naturally. [SixSix8]
  • "A Minnesota judge threw out a felony charge against the brother of hockey enforcer Derek Boogaard on Thursday for supplying a painkiller that contributed to the player's overdose death earlier this year." [Yahoo! News]
  • Good, solid predictions for this season. The picture of the Leafs' defense sets the tone for every thing. [Pegasus News]
  • Never though Brad Winchester would be paired with a heartwarming story. [Puck Daddy]
  • The players aren't the only part of the organization and Mile High Hockey gives a crash course on the Avs' coaches and management. [MHH]
  • "That Hanzal's so hot right now" is the only acceptable headline for Hanzal's 5 year extension. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • East vs West emoticons. &_&. [Wikipedia]
  • 6 Laws you've might have broken because of poorly written legislation. [Cracked]
  • So a Colorado man had pizza delivered while taking is medicinal marijuana, and the delivery person turned him into the cops. A rival pizza chain will give the guy free pizza. Check out the name of the rival pizza chain. [The Associated Press]


To prepare for tomorrow night, let's learn how to pronounce T.J. Oshie's name in both American English and English English

and Captain Backes:

and a really old guy:

gametimelinks [at]

Disclaimer: I'm going to continue to quote Zoolander. During the season I will probably quote Anchorman, Canadian Bacon, and Slap Shot. You should watch them.

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