Note to Red Wings blogger - This may be very "un-cool" to post,

but it has been so long since I knew what cool was. I stumbled upon this out on the net, so I swiped it from another site. I thought it was worth sharing. Written by Curt Price Monday, 07 November 2011:

Note to Red Wings blogger -

Let me know when your dad is finished smacking you upside the head, because you see, in the

late 60's through the early 80's, your Red Wings sucked...and sucked hard (not that anyone in

Detroit cared since nobody was showing up to watch them play). In a 17 year span the Wings

only made the playoffs twice. And in one of those two playoff years, they were under .500. I

feel the need to point this out to you, because most Wings fans I have encountered have only

been a fan since 1997. Gee...I wonder why?

Starting off the 2011-2012 season 5-0-0 and then going winless in the next six (hilarious by the

way...especially that 4-1 loss to Columbus...few have managed to actually lose to them this kudos to your favorite team) and then ripping Blues bloggers in the manner you did that I think about it, actually pretty typical of Hockeytownians and is one of the reasons why

most of the hockey world can't stand Red Wings fans and Wings bloggers. So I'm not sure why I am surprised at

your article. It's pretty much what many Wings fans are all about. But do us a favor and spare us the ridicule.

Yeah, yeah, we know, the Blues haven't been very good the past few years and the Wings have been quite good.

We get it. We are aware. Not news. Not funny...well...maybe a little funny, but not laugh out loud funny.

However, I would like to say congrats to you. Congrats on your ability to watch the evening

news to seek out a winning hockey team and then shrewdly convince yourself to cheer for them

in the stands while proudly waving your foam "Hockeytown" finger in the air and sporting a

tucked in Red Wings jersey with your own name on the back. You are the model Red Wings

fan. You are what every Wings fan aspires to be when they reach that unique level of mature

Detroit douchebaggery. This isn't something you can teach...good Deroiters are born with it,

along with the bird flu, erectile disfunction and an uncanny ability to not find a job.

I would like to help you out, but alas, the Blues have quite a ways to suck before they reach the

epic level of suckitude that the Wings achieved in the late 60's through the entire decade of the

70's and into the 80's. The Blues have never stunk that bad for that long (unless you count

never winning a cup as "sucking"...then I've got nothing). So there's that. (yeah, I went back 50

years in history to help my what? If folks from Detroit can brag about winning 10

cups (history), then I can mock them for sucking for decades (history as well).)

Not making the playoffs much lately is actually something of a new experience for Blues fans.

I'm not sure you know this since Wings fans in general usually aren't aware that other cities

actually have hockey teams...and God forbid those Wings fans are actually aware of the history

of any of those clubs. So if you are a reader of our site, you'll quickly see that we haven't

figured out how to write for a poor team. Maybe I'll ask your dad how it was done in the Red

Wings dark ages...because I grew up watching the Blues in the playoffs every year.

We were fortunate enough to watch the Blues in the postseason for 25 straight seasons up until

2006. From 1967 through 2004, the Blues only missed the playoffs three times. It was

impressive. The only thing more impressive is somehow not winning a cup during that span.

You'd think we'd at least have won one accidentally (kind of like when you guys won in

1998)...but I digress.

The Blues will get there...sooner rather than later we hope...and when that day comes, there will

be much rejoicing. Until then, at least we have the Cardinals. Remember 2006? Thank you

Detroit. Good times.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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