The Central: A Sharks fans take on next year!

Hi! So I am a Sharks fan who occassionally comes over to hang out with the Game Time crowd.

I just thought I would offer my well researched and in depth analysis of next year's central division for you guys.

St. Louis: I consider the Blues almost like A brother to the Sharks, or at least a close friend. Why? Because both teams' mottos are : WHAT THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO DO TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP?!?!?!?!?!?!

The Blue are in rebuilding mode............. wait, haven't you been in rebuilding mode for a while? Well, at least you aren't the Florida Panthers who been in perpetual rebuilding mode since 2000. Still, I think the team has great potential With Chris Stewart and Captain America leading the way. Also I suspect Halak has had an off year too, so he should be better next year also. Was it Boyes that was pissing you guys off? I can't rmember, if it was, well he's no longer with the team so that's a good thing. So Yeah, I think the Blues can make it to the playoffs next year.

Detroit: A little known fact about Detroit, this is where the Marines do training before being sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan. 87% of Marines think surviving a week in Detroit is the hardest thing they will ever have to do in life.

Experts agree that Pavel Datsyuk can only go so long before deking himself out too hard and injuring himself, my bet is on next year. Also, Nick Lidstrom should retire sometime in the next decade. When Chris Chelios left Detroit, the average dropped from 67 all the way 46. There goalie is overated. I have heard the Blues have signed an M-1 Abrams to clear Holmstrom from in front of Halak. Also, because the Red Wings play in Detroit, it probably won't be long before some of them are murdered.

Chicago: The city of corruption in the state of corruption. Because of cap concerns will probably have to let go of half their team in the offseason. Blues fans can try to get Patrick Kane arrested for all the shit he's done, but they better do it in a city that isn't corruption central. Still like that Brian Campbell deal Chicago? Have no depth what so ever.

Nashville: A place to go if you want to hear country music and relive the 50s. But not to meet other hockey fans. Have the best coach in the league who takes a bad team and makes it good. Jeremy Roenick on Jordan Tootoo: "Tootoo is a big dum-dum" His name is actually spelled tutu. THEY HAVE JONATHEN BLUM!!!!! HE WILL BE THE GREATEST DEFENSEMAN EVER BECAUSE HE IS THE FIRST PLAYER BE BORN AND RAISED IN CALIFORNIA!!!!! Would be an ideal first round match up for the Blues.........because they can't win the first round.

Colombus: They are not even worth talking about or insulting because they have no fans to piss off.

Good Luck next year guys, I'll be pulling for you.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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