Tuesday Links: Hey, Vancouver, get it right this time edition

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As much as Blues fans don't like Vancouver (Kelly Backes is a saint!), the hatred doesn't come close to the disdain for the Blackhawks. However, if the Canucks feel so inclined to further decrease their standing in the eyes of most Blues fans, all they have to do is lose a game seven on home ice to Chicago after winning the first three games. With the momentum all going Chicago's way and with the potential return of "LOLuongo," I'd be surprised if Vancouver even keeps it close tonight.

Naturally, I'd love to be wrong on that one.

Blues News:

  • Nothing new with the Blues, but if you're looking for a new YouTube channel to subscribe to, why not make it this one? [YouTube] At this point, I feel it's necessary to say that I haven't watched one damn video on the channel and am linking to it based on name alone.

NHL News:

  • I'm hitting the sack before the Kings/Sharks game ends. I'll throw a link up here in the morning or some shit. Probably a helluva finish since I'm going to sleep at the end of regulation.Sharks win in OT to clinch the series. [FearTheFin]
  • We've already had at least 26 different game 7s in this 1st round of playoff action, so what's one more going to hurt? Lightning make Pittsburgh go the distance. [Pensburgh]
  • Mike Richards (LEADERSHIP!) will be in the lineup for the PHI/BUF game seven. If it's anybody but a superstar, they're out for game seven. Hey Colin, the reason people can't stand you isn't the position you hold, it's the maddening lack of consistency, [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Ah, eulogies, what a fine way to remember teams in the most sarcastic of manners while drawing the worst out of bitter commenters. [Puck Daddy]
  • Here's a map of the post-lockout NHL rinks as they would've been mapped if it were during times when the NHL didn't even exist. [Down Goes Brown]
  • So Bryan Bickell has been doing all this Canuck agitating and point-getting with a lacerated tendon or two since the second game of the series? I'd say that's pretty badass, but it's a Blackhawk so I'll just resort to calling him a pussy for succumbing to an injury before game seven. [TSN] - [Second City]
  • Norris candidates: Lidstrom, Chara, and King Leonidas [Puck Daddy]
  • Two game 7s and one game 6. Schedule's here! [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • Have a little a shit ton of spare change? UIWWIldthing has some reading material that could suit you nicely. [Amazon]
  • You couldn't pay me enough to eat Peeps. I imagine GT has at least one or two people that like 'em, so maybe this particular foodstuff is up your alley. [FoodBeast]
  • This might be a first: An actual history lesson in the Morning Links. Worry not, though, it's concerning the topics of the American West, manliness, and general badassdery. Read on to learn more. [Art of Manliness]
  • Every SNL Celebrity Jeopardy. Every damn one. [Splitsider]
  • Do I know the formula behind it? No. But is it entertaining somehow? Absolutely. [Turn Your Name Into a Face]


Beer Good has a recent 60 Minutes segment about a man who holds a strange record. Totally not fake at all.

And just because I've been going through some of my old YouTube favorites, enjoy one that's made the rounds in the links before. NSFW, but what is anymore?


Come on, Vancouver. Just win one tonight.

Gametimelinks (at) gmail.com

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