Wrap it up, yo! Blues beat Natural Disasters.

Winner winner, chicken dinner? No, winner winner, Halak dinner!

I am baffled by you. You go to the game tonight and boo Erik Johnson every time he touches the puck. How could that possibly make any sense at all?

  • Erik Johnson did not ask to be traded.
  • Erik Johnson did not want to be traded.
  • Erik Johnson nearly cried in public when he was asked about being traded.
  • The Blues have only benefited from the trade.

Why in the hell are fans booing Erik Johnson? If you did it and you're going to give me some reason, just know that I do not accept it. It was low class and uninformed and made all of us look bad. I have to admit that I'm perfectly fine with the trade and glad it was made, but not one thing he did while he was here gave any Blues fan a reason to boo him tonight. If you did it, you are small.

It wasn't funny and it wasn't ironic funny and it wasn't deserved. You made all of us look dumb by doing it.


  • Blues win, move ever closer to giving Avs our first round pick this year rather than next year. Good. A 12th overall this year might actually be less of a player than the 20th overall next year. Just keep winning.
  • Kevin Shattenkirk gets a goal and an assist against his old team. Erik Who?
  • David Backes hits 30 goals. Boooooo-yeah.
  • Cam Janssen and Ryan Reaves fighting at the same time was bizarrely fascinating. It almost seemed like as Reaves was cheered, Janssen got more fired up. My head tells me Cam is on his way out of town, my heart tells me that dude is loving every second in that jersey and he's one of the best guys on the team. Doesn't matter, he'll still be gone. But some team will grab him up this summer and they'll get their entertainment dollar out of his five minutes a night.
  • Chris Stewart didn't score tonight, but he is still dangerous every second he's out there. If I was Nicki Minaj, I'd call him a motherfucking monster.
  • If you didn't get a copy of tonight's Game Time, get a copy of tomorrow's Committed Indian. I was asked a few questions by the 'Hawks fans and the early reviews from the feather-wearers is that I am kind of an asshole. You should really enjoy it.
  • Follow Chris Stewart @CStewSTL25 and Chris Goddamn Stewart @ChrisDamStewart and Towel Boy @TowelMan1234 and Answer Man @GTAnswerManNoCo on Twitter and you'll have a QuadFecta of great Tweeps.

Blues in Chicago tomorrow. Get your barbs sharp early, babies.

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