Blue Note Plymouth Barracuda Car Pics

Back in 19 hundred and 70 Glendale Plymouth in STL gave some of the Blues players their own blue and white 1970 Plymouth Barracaudas to drive around, complete with Blue Notes on them. Imagine being in the Stanley Cup and getting a muscle car free to drive around in?



You could always tells when the Blues were over for a party at someone's house from all the Blue Note Cudas parked out front. Larry C. happened to mention the cars parked in front of his neighbor's house, fellow named Barclay Plager, and it brought back some great memories of the Blues doing the "Dodge Boys" promotions at the dealerships. The players also did commercials for the cars during the games since they were sponsors of the Blues.


This is the trifecta of manhood for a kid growing up in STL. Blues hockey, Mopar Muscle and Bob Plager driving? Or Bob Plager signed? I'm about to soil myself over the possibility of turning one of these pics up. Daddy wants one REAL bad.

So get on down in them basements and start dumping out them steamer trunks and tearing the walls out, who knows where the old geezer Blues fans stashed these Blues Cuda pics. Step on their oxygen hose at the home if you have to for where the goods are stashed.

From (more pics of Blues Cuda at link)


A car made for our beloved St. Louis Blues Hockey Cl. During the 1970 NHL Playoffs Glendale Plymouth in St.louis came out with this special edition Barracuda. A total of 47 hardtop grand coupe Barracudas were ordered to undergo the Blues Barracuda transformation. These cars were ordered with the 318ci v-8 option, but a select 8 were upgraded to 383 ci and given to star players and the coaches. This car was located in St.louis by an Illinois man in 1989 while he was searching for a special Mopar that he had sold years ago. Upon purchasing this car underwent an 18 month restoration was performed to bring this car back to new.

During the restoration a 318ci replacement motor was removed and deemed worthless being it was not the original, and replaced by a more powerful 340ci. This car features a 727 Torque Flight transmission, with a slap stick\\console shifter. Excellent sounding exhaust. Interior is in good condition with all gauges functioning and little wear on the vinyl upholstery. This was the official car of the St.Louis Blues. This vehicle was features in Mopar Collector magazine in May 1994, and comes with Galin Govier documentation, Chrysler registry documentation, the original broadcast sheet, and 4 copies of original dealership advertisements from 4 different dealers between Jan. and march 1970. This car rides and drives great, and is ready to be enjoyed……

Now for the bonus trivia question. Who got the Cudas and who were the "star 8" who got the upgraded motors?

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