NAHL releases schedule, 2 new teams come to play Jr. Blues

The Springfield Jr. Blues have their schedule in hand as of June 17, 2011, when the NAHL released the entire schedule. I pored through it to pull out the Home Game dates for the Jr. Blues as well as a smaller schedule of when the team will be playing the Kelly Chase-owned St. Louis Bandits at the Hardees Iceplex in Chesterfield.  It looks like the Jr. Blues will be playing St. Louis 12 times this year.  Hopefully there won't be an ungodly drubbing by the Bandits this year like last year's series.  New opponents this season include the Coulee Region Chill from Wisconsin and the Kalamazoo Jr. K-Wings.  For the complete (and I do mean complete) NAHL schedule, go here.  The Jr. Blues home games at Nelson Center in Springfield (and their games vs. St. Louis in Chesterfield) are after the jump:

Springfield Jr. Blues Home Games, Nelson Center, Springfield, IL

  • 9/30/11 vs. Coulee Region 7pm
  • 10/1/11 vs. Coulee Region 7pm
  • 10/21/11 vs. Chicago 7pm
  • 10/22/11 vs. Chicago, 7pm
  • 10/23/11 vs. Chicago 4pm
  • 11/4/11 vs. Topeka 7pm
  • 11/5/11 vs. Topeka 7pm
  • 11/11/11 vs. Janesville 7pm
  • 11/12/11 vs. Janesville 7pm
  • 11/13/11 vs. Janesville 7pm
  • 12/2/11 vs. St. Louis 7pm
  • 12/9/11 vs. Chicago 7pm
  • 12/10/11 vs. Chicago 7pm
  • 12/11/11 vs. Chicago 7pm
  • 12/16/11 vs. St. Louis 7pm
  • 12/18/11 vs. St. Louis 7pm
  • 1/6/12 vs. Kalamazoo 7pm
  • 1/7/12 vs. Kalamazoo 7pm
  • 1/14/12 vs. St. Louis 7pm
  • 1/27/12 vs. Michigan 7pm
  • 1/28/12 vs. Michigan 7pm
  • 2/10/12 vs. Topeka 7pm
  • 2/11/12 vs. Topeka 7pm
  • 3/16/12 vs. Janesville 7pm
  • 3/17/12 vs. Janesville 7pm
  • 3/18/12 vs. Janesville 7pm
  • 3/23/12 vs. St. Louis 7pm
  • 3/24/12 vs. St. Louis 7pm

The following games between the St. Louis Bandits and Springfield Jr. Blues will be held at the Hardees Iceplex in Chesterfield, MO:

  • 9/10/11, 6pm
  • 10/7/11, 7pm
  • 10/8/11, 6pm
  • 12/3/11, 6pm
  • 12/17/11, 6pm
  • 1/13/12, 7pm

These dates and times were extracted from the NAHL master schedule available publically on its website.  They're subject to change.  I'm not part of the Jr. Blues staff or office, so please don't take my word as the authoritative one on when the games will start.  No word as yet as to what the ticket prices might be or the season ticket costs.  Last year's prices were $7 per adult ticket, $150 for season tickets.  I'm just want more people to show up to games during the year is all.  Packing the house every night would be a beautiful thing, especially as it's one of the longest-running sports teams in the area.

So, uh, is it hockey season yet?  How about now?  Now?  Is it hockey season now?  Maybe now?  Oh, come ON, hockey season!  Hurry up and get here!

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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