Wednesday Links: Petro's Partner Edition

I'm an American now. Deal with it.

Blues News

  • Forget about the captaincy! Who will be Alex Pietrangelo's defensive partner? [P-D]
  • Chat with Patrik Berglund at 11:45 AM Central on today. [Blues]

NHL/Hockey News

  • James van Riemsdyk got a six year, $25.5 million deal from the Flyers yesterday, making him the next high-profile Flyer who will be cast off to some Western Conference team in the coming years. [NHL]
  • Drew Doughty, da fuck is ya problem? Sign a contract already. [Puck Daddy]
  • The longest contracts... who has them? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Which players have milestones that could be achieved by the end of this upcoming season? [NHL]
  • Pascal Leclaire and his shitty hip will probably be keeping him out of the NHL for the rest of his career. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Blues' 2009 first-rounder David Rundblad is on everybody's Calder radar all of a sudden as he rises to the top of the Senators' defensive depth chart. [Globe and Mail]
  • Lappy is finally a U.S. citizen! [NHL]
  • With D'Ags doing so well, I forgot that Aaron Palushaj was the one whom the Blues traded to acquire him. How's he doing? Decent, I guess? [Montreal Gazette]
  • Your daily Crosby concussion article thinks that the NHL shouldn't have waited for one of their stars to get seriously hurt before adjusting their rules. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • With a new team taking the Cup every year lately, will the Red Wings go down as the NHL's last dynasty? [Winging It In Motown]
  • The Marlies and the Bulldogs will be playing outside this season. Will the ugly Hamilton Tiger jerseys be resurrected? [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Who has won and lost this off-season? [Down Goes Brown]
  • Bullshit gimmicky hockey jerseys for your stupid somewhat-interested-in-hockey girlfriend to wear! This time... it's murdered-out unis with neon trim. There is not a Blues one yet (thank goodness). [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff

  • A couple decided to spice up the art of wedding photos by throwing in a zombie attack. [Badass Digest]
  • The last decade of teen movies and their respective legacies. [Film School Rejects]
  • Turn St. Louis Game Time into a game of Asteroids. Shoot out the FanPosts that you just can't stand. Done and done. [Erkie]

Wednesday Video(s)

"Inception" always needed more Tobias Funke:

And Kung Fu movies need more of this guy:

gametimelinks AT gmail DOT com

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