What's a Fella to Do (for a Blues Jones)?

Here's the skinny. Six weeks ago, I moved to Chicago for a full-time, insured job similar in every respect except those two to the one I had in St. Louis (and believe me -- the full-time, insured thing just barely made it palatable enough to leave my fair, wonderful brick city on the Big Muddy).

Having secured a studio apartment (no utilities, thankfully) and random craigslist furniture, the place is becoming home, except for one worrisome development: it is now (looks at Sean's countdown clock...) nineteen days until the season opens up and I have no means by which to watch all the games.

So I need some technical advice. Details of my situation to follow.



With my newly-earned "salary" (whatever that is), I've managed to pay down my credit card to almost $600 in credit remaining. By the time the season hits, I should have it up above $1000, at which time I'll probably be willing to knock it all out again by purchasing a laptop. I have an iPhone (whatever the generation was before the one with FaceTime) and it kind of runs well. I haven't picked up cable or Internet yet, but I intend to, again, around when the season starts. So questions:

1) What's a good, cheap lap top whose primary purpose is to let me watch lag-free, good quality hockey games?
2) What's the status on justin and adhte? Are they unreliable at this point for Blues hockey?
3) What are your opinions on NHL Gamecenter. It looks like the way I'll go, assuming it runs with whatever computer I end up with; Likewise, does KMOX stream live to iPhones? Is the NHL Live Radio package worth it?
4) Center Ice -- worth it? We've got Comcast, RCN and Uverse up here.
5) How does Gamecenter LIVE run on iPhones? Good quality/non-lagginess as long as you have a strong solid wi-fi connection?

And before you answer all these, I am well aware there's a St. Louis-friendly bar called Sedgwick's where I'll be watching a fair share of games...I just don't want to go broke at a bar 82 nights (hopefully more!) over the next eight months if i don't have to. And yes, it does have Euchre leagues.

You said it best, Carole King...

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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