Friday Links: Lemons and Limes Edition

Remember when Luongo scored a goal [on himself!] using that handy little shelf in his knee pads, and then Elliott didn't? Yeah, that was a good time.

Don't get the title? Email Brad Lee, and he'll tell you all about it . . . and why he hates the Blues.

Blues News:

  • Who doesn't love David Backes? Mr. Cock loves him. [BND]
  • Negative eighty eleven billion points, Dan O'Neill. AN ELI WHITNEY COTTON GIN LEDE?!? No. Just. No. [Post Dispatch]
  • I'm not entirely sure if this article on finding a great goalie is "Blues News" per se, but " [Billy] [Brian] Elliott suddenly turned into Terry Sawchuk." [The Globe and Mail]
  • First and foremost, I have been telling EVERYONE Corey Crawford should not be the 'Hawks goalie if they want to win, so 'Hawks, start Crawford! . . . and 9 other backups outperforming their team's starters. Blues are mentioned, so the article gets a bump to the "special section." [Backhand Shelf]

Hockey News:

  • BOC shows us the perks of Winnipeg learned from Wikipedia. They call it Wikipeg. "You'll visit for the libraries and buses. You'll stay because you've been stabbed." [Battle of California]
  • Too long of an article for me to read this morning, but here is the "Decline of the Habs Empire." Hmm. those two things might have some sort of correlation. []
  • Skip this article if you're not surprised that the next Winter Classic will feature Detroit and the Leafs. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • I'm sure we've all said stupid things at work, but nothing so egregious as to get traded and be the new laughing stock of the entire organization. And passing Bettman is quite a feat. Congratulations, Mr. Cammalleri. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • If you're feeling a little lonely in 2012, I suggest signing up for Plenty of Fish. What could possibly go wrong? [POF]
  • Speaking of POF, I'm pretty sure online dating worked for ESPN - I mean they found this Tebow guy, and all they do is talk, talk, talk about him. [Deadspin]


My original video was an interview from 1992 featuring Scott Thompson and Don Cherry. It would have been a phenomenal good time. However, it's ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANADA. You get this instead.

gametimelinks [at]

What I lack in links, I make up in excessively verbose wordage.

Also, the Canucks fan I met last night now calls #1, Billy Elliott. Oops. I think that's my fault.

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