Blues fall to Vancouver, but I ain't scared.

"So, I hear that ginger is the new creepy." "Oh, that's hard to say, but yeah, probably."

Play this game when the Blues haven't just traveled in from Edmonton and can play the full 60 and I like our team's chances a little better. That said, Vancouver knew what they were getting and knew that they WANTED this one. Congrats, you beat the Blues on uneven terms. Let's see what happens in the playoffs, fishheads.

If I seem a little unimpressed with Vancouver, I am. Frankly, I don't see anything the Blues should fear there. I think the Bruins exposed the Canucks' weaknesses last summer and anyone willing to pay the price to shut down the Sedins immediately levels the playing field. They may think they're the class of the West now, but St. Louis' record against them is 2-1-1 for the season and the loss was the second day of a back-to-back with bad, late night travel with a bad bounce fluke goal making the difference and the overtime loss was on a bad call OT powerplay where one of our guys had a broken stick, making it a four on two. I like our guys' chances against them in a seven game series.

I know their fans are whining about the boring Blues and the Ken Hitchcock Trap which does not exist. Roll back the tape, fellas, and see how many times your team went four across at your own blueline. That isn't a trap either, but it's very much a defensive scheme intended to clog up lanes, shut down fast skating offense and force a chip and chase game.

Think the Blues play a tight defensive game? So did you, dummies.

First bullets, then beers:

  • The Canucks' big trade was for Matt Zack Kassian, who was drafted high in the first round recently. Great. Maybe he'll be something some day, but tonight he was just a run around, run into someone kind of guy. For my money, if I was a Canucks fan, I'd still be more enamored with that Alexander Burrows. That guy is a Blues killer, but if he plays that hard against everyone else, he's more important than most of their forwards.
  • Big fan of T.J. Oshie spending a lot of time with Andy McDonald. They are both so fast and creative with the puck and both have such good hands that it's a natural mentor-type of relationship. Besides that, Happy Meal is a seemingly good citizen off the ice and knows what it takes to be a good pro. Great role model for the Osh.
  • Speaking of 74, it's been discussed here, there, on twitter and everywhere else, but come on, man, stay on your feet. It's really baffling.
  • If you're not on Twitter, you really should be. Call me a big fan of the hashtag #BluesDrinkingGame that is getting some momentum out there.
  • You know what? It's late. Here's some other stuff to talk about: Kevin Shattenkirk had two terrible giveaways in the defensive zone. Stop, please. Brian Elliott was awesome again. One fluky goal against and one was scored when he wasn't even out there. Still loving this tandem. Chris Stewart and Patrik Berglund tease with some good shifts and then apparently ditched out and went for pizza. Come on, man. Initially skeptical of the Jason Arnott and Jamie Langenbrunner signings, now I'm hoping the team re-signs those two for one more year each. But only one each. Kent Huskins might care, but that caring business doesn't make him move his feet very well. He's still not playing as well post-injury as he was pre-injury.
  • Yeah, Vancouver, you got the two points, but I ain't scared. And neither are the Blues. How 'bout we both win our divisions and plan on meeting late in the playoffs? Should be a beauty.

San Jose on Sattidy. Whaddaya know? The Blues actually get a day of rest before having to play a good team this time.

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