Road Music: 03/11 @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Remember, FIRST you take the two points, THEN you take their lunch money. Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The best damn team in the league travels to Columbus, OH for the last time this year, closing the second half of this home-and-home series. Considering how last night's game ran, there should be plenty of physicality in store for tonight. The BJs are aware of their mistakes in taking so many penalties, but I can't believe that all of that bad blood will be contained. I'm sure some will spill over into outright fisticuffs. In a similar manner, the Blues cannot be distracted by the rough stuff. Be ready for it, for sure, but don't lose focus on the ultimate objective: 2 points. Not just any two points, either. Hockey's conventional wisdom says that it will take 97 points to make the playoffs. The Blues now stand at 95, and these two will be, essentially, the clinchers. That's the important first step, and it's right here in front of them. The Blue Jackets won't give it away, the Blues will have to take it.

Come And Get It / Badfinger

The Enemy: We're going to see practically the same team as last night. I don't know if he'll be playing, but one difference is that RW Jared Boll has been activated from the IR, recovering from a broken foot. I'm assuming that Columbus will start Curtis Sanford again in goal (2.66 GAA, .910 SV%), since the alternative is call-up backup Allen York. He has 127 NHL career minutes in goal with a 3.79 GAA and .860 SV%. I wouldn't see them throwing the kid in against the league-leading Blues, but with these guys, who can say for sure?

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Final Verse: Columbus is in Eastern Time, so the puck drops at 5:00 St Louis Time. The broadcasts are on the usual outlets, Fox Sports MW for TV, and KMOX 1120 AM for the radio call. Until then, this is your pregame warmup. Gather here, discuss possible playoff matchups, laugh at Scott Howson one more time, and get revved up for another physical contest tonight. It could be a doozy. Also, after watching this, "Cotton-Eyed Joe Guy" doesn't seem so bad...

Columbus Blue Jackets Biggest Fan dances (via TheColumbusDispatch)



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