Monday Links: And So It Begins... Edition

Hey Jaro come over here and let's get you touched by that God Wand.

Hey Blues fans tis RealBadRobot live from the Windy City, where I live and also mock those of the FuckHawk fanhood nature.

(SHHHHH Don't tell any one but I was the reason Captain Pukey Pants crashed his pretty little car into that pretty obvious eL support beam, who knew he took being called a pansy ass so poorly... oh wait David Backes did...)

Now get ready for some Linkage of the Robotic nature!


  • Game Recap over at STL Today. (Stl Today)
  • Oh Vancouver your fans are so classy... "I saw Halak's hand shaking when he was taking a drink after the Letestu goal. There's a lot of pressure on him come playoff time, and who knows how he'll handle it." Psht get over the fact that Our goalie is GOD of the NHL and your's is Lady Gaga god of the eye liner. (NHL)
  • The Father of Pucks gave our little WonderGoalie some love with a Third Star... don't worry Jaro you are first star to me! (Puck Daddy)
  • The Boys in Blue head my way next, Having so many sexy mens in the city while I am stuck in class... yeah that will blow... and not the good kind. For those needing a schedule reminder and haven't yet seen it... the March 2012 Schedule Wallpaper has been posted. (deviantart)
  • Yesterday was the Kardashian hatin, Mostest Famousest Blues' Fans BDay... Happy Birthday Jon Hamm! Sorry, no you cannot have the Hat of Lies Back... also that was YOU on Gilmore Girls being a fuck wad with my main girl Lauren Graham... the 6 degrees of separation is ever closer! (jezebel)
  • Oh yeah and then there is this... but keep it hush hush no one seems to know...: Screen_shot_2012-03-12_at_12

Hockey News:

  • Everyone is so excited for the Flames, guess what they made it into 8th... so much love... *BARF* (TSN)
  • The Blackhawks lost in a shootout to LA... I laughed and Mocked Max... :D (NHL)
  • Tim Thomas decided to start rapeing my fantasy team... THANK GOD FOR YOU JARO! Seriously Timmah, you just HAD to give them more shit on Pittsburgh didn't you? (NHL)
  • According to Don Cherry we are doing so awesome because we got 9 Ontario...ians...ites? on the good guys side. I say stick to picking out those nutty suits Mr. Cherry. (Puck Daddy)
  • Washington stonewalled Toronto 2-0, Carolina lost the the ever terrifying Panthers 2-0, Jersey Trounced Philly 4-1, the Rangers won in OT against the Isles 4-3 (Thanks A LOT Islanders!). (NHL)

WTF!? News:

  • And they say Hockey is to Violent... As Donut King would say: "Kids Today"... (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • "Turn Skinny Foreigners Into American-Style Fatties with Google's Crazy Coke Ads" I shit you not... THAT is a headline... like in REAL life... (Gizmodo)
  • Walt Disney is HOTT. WORK THOSE ABS! <--- For the Females... Ryan Gosling is Walt Disney in Ron Howard's "Walt" I feel this poster must be reimaginied in the style of the St. Louis Blues. (Reddit)
  • From the Ninja of All things Paperwork, "I can only file this under "WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN"" and he is very Correct... for the record Shitcago, detwat, this makes all of your shitty arguments invalid.

  • As Hartigan/The Blues Marketing Catch phrase Wizards Said: "Boom Shak-Halak-Ah!" but that doesn't even BEGIN to cover it! My FAVORITE Save of the night:

Well I will be Back for tomorrow's Linkage!

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