Tuesday Links: The Schwartz is With Us Edition

via bluenotezone.com I bet he Gives Great Helmet.

Where Dem boyz at? Boyz at... Oh yeah they are HERE!!! so close... yet class prevents me from seeing em... sadest of panda faces... :(

But However sad that may be there is one thing that must be said... and its Fuck The Hawks... Fuck them and The Wings.

Nextly I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the great response to my linkage yesterday... made me feel good! I will try my hardest not to let y'all down.

Now its time for those rickety robot links!


  • The Schwartz has befallen us. Jadan Schwartz is now a pro may he use his Schwartz for good. Word is He will Play tonight. I Wonder how that punk ass Dark Helmet Feels about this? (StlBlues)
  • Luvhockey brings you a pretty good read on the Schwartzy one. (BND)
  • WonderGoalie is star worthy... He gets the Third star from the NHL! YAY JARO! (NHL)
  • "Coach Ken Hitchcock, who took over for Davis Payne when the Blues were 6-7, should be coach of the year. Period." I agree Miss Elliot... but not that Elliot... damn I just give up... (The LA Times)
  • The Boys are in my neck of the woods to take on Shitcago. Puck drops at 7:30 pm St. Lou time GDT will be up shortly before so be prepared for some good old tomfoolery and boys will be boys play... (enemy territory info: Candy Kane is easily distracted by shiny objects... especially when there is a bottle of booze on the other end.) (Preview)
  • The opposition... Give em hell cats and kittens! (Second City Hockey)

Hockey News:

  • Just So you's all know... Concussions are not as bad as Afganistan... Jeez! (Puck Daddy)
  • Buffalo beat Montreal as did Colorado to Anaheim by the skin of their teeth in OT 3-2, San Jose continued the trend just in Regulation edging out Edmonton 3-2 as well, and The Ville of Nash beat out the actual Village of Nash 5-4 in a Shoot out. (NHL)
  • The Fuckhead will stay with the fuck ass's for 2 more years... Classless Player with Classless team way to be Hawks. (Chicago Sun Times)
  • Interesting read... why is it Link worthy? their team name is the PANDAS! Oh Canada... (Calgary Herald)
  • The Case of the Magic Drew Doughty goal that was so awesome the clock had to stop and do a double take... yeah that shit is still open for some reason... (The Wall Street Journal)
  • This Kid has got the moves like... LMFAO... just doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Jagger... (ThePostGame)
  • For some reason the NHL's new Ad campaign just dosn't have the same ring that "History Will Be Made" had... but seriously why am I reading it in a Boston Accent...? Because its the Cup bro. (CBS Sports)
WTF!? News:
  • I fucking HATE the MPAA... But if it will get them to shut the FUCK up and quit their bitching... (SendThemYourMoney)
  • I wonder what the High Speed Chase would have been like... (Blog NJ)
  • So this lady... yeah she like totally just had an emotional break up after her long and passionate affair with a DRUM KIT!? no that can't be right refresh refresh!? MY EYES DO NOT DECEIVE ME!? (Buzz Feed)
  • Me. In the Morning (A tad bit NSFW):
  • Because I have to end with Jaro... because I love him... and he's just so wonderful... and OMFG WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS SAVE!? HE HAS POWERS BEYOND THOSE OF A NATURAL HUMAN!!!

Tomorrow Links Will go to PCS... Give him some love!

Fuck The Hawks, Fuck Detwat, Fuck This Anthro Paper!

Send your linkage and any other funny shit, advice, love letters to: gametimelinks (at) gmail.com
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