Thursday Links: WTF Winter... Edition

So first and formost I need to get a little bit of clarification... Its MARCH right... like as in a WINTER month... right?! SO question mother nature... Why the hell was it 80 degrees outside yesterday?! This is not appropriate weather for hockey until AT LEAST the middle of April... Just saying... so go fuck yourself mother nature and get this shit fixed... I am sick of this motherfucking heat in this motherfucking month! rawr... I blame you evil Hawks Loving Best Friend...

Secondly I want to take the time to applogize for the loss... Its my fault I gloated to much in class and wasn't in the GDT... The Odds were not ever in my favor... Those mother fuckers play dirty... I must be angry or some shit cause that is the third time I have used Mother Fucker... Oh Hello Standings... aww you make me feel so much better! Thank's 98 points. *Kissy*

Moving on to the Thursday Robo Links... Linkbots Roll Out!


  • The Blues are Leading the league with 98 Points... if you haven't heard... BUT The Cock is NOT pleased... He says Nay to the past and want's to know "what have you done for me lately" Boys... and Honestly... that last game... Blagh... you don't deserve the charity point ya gots... so GET WITH IT! (STL Today)
  • We Broke a Record! no not the PK Record... sadly those fuck heads in Chicago Killed that dream... NO The Game on Tuesday was the HIGHEST rated Blues Broadcast for FSN EVER! WAHOOOO!... oh yeah they lost... sooo more like... Woo... (Blues)
  • The Blues take on the Tropical Storm of Carolina tonight, Puck drop is 6 PM Arch Time. Road Music from CCR will precede the game, Followed by the GDT. The Cane's enter this game at 26th in the League... I am not going to gloat... But Bring it Boys! (Blues vs Hurricanes coverage)
  • We get a chance to peek inside the world of the St. Louis Blues for a second time. Inside Access 2 Air's Saturday at 5 PM Lou Time on FSN... Oh HBO find the money in your budget to make one for us... I'll Edit for FREE! (Blues)
  • The Halakness One gets compared to his goalie jesus alter-ego that carried Montreal to the Semi's before they traded him off to us as we all snickered in Glee. (STL Today)
  • Today's opposition currently sits here... who knows where it will end up once the Blue Storm sweeps through town... (Canes Country)
Hockey News:
  • This Made my night... I hope its still the front page for you all... if not clicky the "This" (Hockey Inside Out)
  • Speaking of the Hab's They won 4-3 (Sad Face Benny...). Their first in the first came from Erik Cole and was celebrated in an original fashion... he High Fived the Ref... He's been touched by one of the NHL Wraths! The wound will never truly heal... (Puck Daddy)
  • The NHL GM meetings are currently under way... there are rumors circling them like small children and the GM's are the Swim Instructor With cupcakes (Twas a traumatizing event... I shall not speak of it again!) One Such Rumor is the talks of bringing Hybrid Icing into the game... sounds interesting... but I am skeptical ever since the LAST rule change. *Cough* Gimmick *Cough* (SBNation)
  • I am not sure if I want to yell or applaud for Adam Burish... Classless yes... but also Ballsey... (Puck Daddy)
  • Our Bestest Friends Last Night: The Phoenix Coyotes (Won 5-4 Against Gaga and the Twins) and The Anaheim Ducks (Kicked Detwat in the... twat 4-0). Thanks guys we owe you a round or two. In other news, Colorado edged out Buffalo 5-4, The Jets put a dent in the Stars 5-2, The Battle for the Basement ended with Edmonton Flipping Off Columbus 3-0 and as previously mentioned Benny and the Sens lost to Montreal 4-3. (NHL)
WTF!? News:
  • Russell Brand is a dumb ass... he dump's Katy Perry and is now wanted by the New Orleans PD... I say Miss Blue Hair you are better off... (Gawker)
  • Ganked from my Facebook feed... Rich People say the DARNDEST things... (Cracked)
  • St. Louis Needs this... Do it for the NERDS!!! (Kickstarter)
  • WE ARE NOT ALONE!? New Species of Human found in China... (Gizmodo)
  • Marcel is awesome... He wears Lentils for hats.
  • Oh Osh you little Skamp you!

A Hearty LET'S GO BLUES! to everyone. I will be in Class but because I have been able to get by watching the game during it I will do what I can to be here and bring the RBR GDT Luck to the blues! Record stands strong at I Believe 14-3-2 when I am there early so I shall do what I can!

That's it for me! Hartigan takes over for the weekend shift I will be Back next week... hope everyone enjoyed the Robot Linkage this week!

Send Links (and whatever nicknacks you got... Cookies would be a nice treat... just saying... ) to:

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