Monday Links: Here's Looking at You, Kid Editon

Shatty likes to show off his flexibility to all the ladies. Vlady ain't got nothing on these moves! (I can hear it now... He got them moves like Shatty!)

As I sit here installing Final Cut 7 on to my new computer I was just utterly flabbergasted by what to title today's Links and then I looked up and saw my poster of 101 Greatest Movie Quotes. There are so many good ones that would fit the blues but some are just far to long for a header... so I think I will just have to add a few into the links today...

So let's bring on the Quotety Quote Robotic Links!


  • A collective "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" rang out among Blues fans everywhere as our Capin' crawled off the ice after taking a puck off the foot in the game against Tampa. Reports are good though as he DOES NOT have a fracture. (STL Today)
  • We'z in the Playoffs! And to all those naysayers who say the math is wrong... well its just plain "Elementary, my dear Watson." (National Post)
  • I got into an argument with one of my students today about The Blues being in first place... such denial. He is 5, I am 23 (what does that say about me?). He put up a good fight. Kid knew his Hockey for the most part. What's it gonna take to get 1st in the NHL = St. Louis Blues into the minds of all!? Sick of the Pens #1 Power Ranking... (Bleacher Report)
  • was very pained in writing this article, "But Frankly my dear (NHL) I don't give a damn" that you are ignoring us. (NHL)
  • There are times when the Chicago Tribune just makes me say: "I am mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Seriously guys Halak does not play for Tampa... Chicago you make me sad. (Chicago Tribune)
  • T.J. Oshie. Coming up behind you, diving through your legs, stealing your pucks. This gif is just golden I had to link it... (Tumblr)

Hockey News:

  • Raise your hand if you sorta kinda fell in love with Scott Hartnell after watching NHL 24/7 & this years All-Star Game... damn I did now I have one more thing to love him for... HE ENDED THE PENS STREAK! I will revel in this loss for a good while. Thanks Hartsey! (Puck Daddy)
  • Robotic NHL Scores Round up: Columbus beat Calgary in the gimmick 2-1; Phoenix also benefited from the All-Star game event edging out Edmonton 3-2; Nashville went Duck hunting beating Anaheim 3-1; Carolina slipped past Winnipeg 4-3; Washington couldn't contain the Hawks losing 2-5; and as mentioned above Philly beat out Pittsburgh in the last second of OT 3-2. (NHL)
  • The Preds are looking to get a bit more dangerous, Word is Alexander Radulov is heading to the states from Russia. My question to Nashville: "Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" (NHL)
  • YOU GO GIRL! I am all for a little LGBT Love & if it happens at a Hockey game/ is promoted by the NHL then damn skippy I am a pretty happy girl! (Jezebel)
  • Fasten your seat belts. It's gonna be a bumpy night. Former Hockey coach & Sex offender Graham James is headed to sentencing for his past abuse of young hockey players... (Global Saskatoon)
  • College Hockey is losing their lady coaches, "Houston, We have a problem." (NY Times)

News of the Odd Nature:

  • Japanese people are by far the STRANGEST In all the land... Say "hello" to my little friend: (japanesebugfights)
  • Oh Apple... "Show me the Money!" (Gizmodo)
  • This father really loves his daughter... props bro. (io9)
  • What a way to go... Shot over Skittles... Someone really wanted to taste the fucking rainbow. (Alternet)


  • I wonder if this is how the FuckHawks and DeadThings view St. Louis now...

  • Spectr17 is, in my opinion, by far the greatest Human Being In the world... He Brings you Blues Inside Access 2 in its entirety... Thanks Spec I was dancing around like a little giddy School Girl when I saw this!

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After all, tomorrow is another day!
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