Tuesday Links: PCS Agrees! Edition

TJ Oshie Believes he can fly... he believes he can touch the sky... that is how his hair got silver tips...

So hopefully the Links will be done before the clock strikes 6 AM... same RBR, less time, less sleep, BAH EDITING!

In Other Robot News,

Twitter was filled with amazing puns and jokes among the Gametime Links Team last night. Lady Link Land is in full fledge GO MODE... with Glitter and Sparkles of Course. The Girlz have all the power! Are you Scared yet? We Know PCS is.

Skynet Links ACTIVATE!


  • Very little among the Blues news that hasn't already been reported... the Injured are getting Healthy, the Captain ins't broken due to his bones of steal, AMac has no fear of the great concussion, and Osh will be stealing all your puckz during a few faceoffs... In Case you missed it... (STL Today)
  • But one Blue was active about town this week bringing some Granite City Second Graders lots of furry hugs! (STL Today)
  • The Blues have an anthem... like seriously a band, who makes music wrote a song about the St. Louis Blues... and I got to say I dig it! (Puck Daddy)
  • I feel the need for a 4th link. St. Louis Blues just need to get their asses on the Ice Again so this link rat doesn't have to dig... but gosh darn it! (I make the sensitive look Sexy don't I?) So in desperation I resort to Bernie M... that one guy from that paper or something... (STL Today)
  • The Blues will be back soon... I swear... we take on the Disney Team Tomorrow night!
Hockey News:
  • USA Today thinks some crazy bat outta hell things about the Nashvi... wait no... that cannot be right!? NASHVILLE... You Nationally report about them... well then aren't youuuuu special National news outlet... (USA Today)
  • During the Nucks game last night Dr. Mark Recchi made an appearance... Graphics guy You Complete me! (No worries RBR/Cole Shippers my love for him still burns strong!) (Puck Daddy)
  • Two Former Blues, Cam Jassen and Bryce Salvador tried to turn the color of the Hudson Red last night in New York... damn things like this just doesn't happen these days... (NHL)
  • Because I want blood from the bastard... He will be sentenced later today... May the Hockey Gods Show their might! (Winnipeg Free Press)
  • Puck from Last Night: Boston decided that 4 goals just weren't enough and Ovechtricked Toronto 8-0; The Blood boiled and the boys toiled but the Rangers ended up with the W over New Jersey 4-2; RyRy and his boards showed Tampa Bay who da boss killing the bolts 7-3; Vancouver lost (GaGa Cried) to Minnesota 2-0; The Ducks surged past the poor guys in San Jose 5-3; and Last but certainly not least the Dirty Things of Detwat lost to the Caps 5-3. (NHL)
WTF!? News:
  • To Think what the world would be like with cupcakes being readily available on those drunken nights I am stumbling home... that would truly be a great world... HOLY HELL!!? (Lovelysish)
  • RDJ Did that bad man touch you in your no no square??? (Gawker)
  • Again Japan... you are really freaking me out now... (Kotaku)
  • Paperwork NINNNNJAAAAA! Brings you this guy and his bad ass Side burns... seriously this dude thinks he's from Zelda doesn't he!

  • THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!!! #EditingNerd... SO much hate for FCPX (Sorry this one was for me... Selfish Video is Selfish) but if you want to learn about what I Doz while I am not here... Here you go!

PCS has got y'all tomorrow... tell him how pretty he is and give him chocolates... he is a good sport with us girls, help him get a little piece of his masculinity back... (but just in case he is TOTALLY #TeamPeeta Hartigan! #TimAgrees)

The Link Rats Love you so Love them back... its the nice thing to do... JUST CALL AFTERWARDS!

gametimelinks (at) gmail.com

5:03 AM Peace!
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