Thursday Links: So Let's Set the World On Fire! Edition

Oh Hey Chris Stewert... you were actually playing last night... who knew?

SO I watched the game last night... I joined you all in the GDT... I was early... But No win... I was very sad panda. So I proceded to drown my sorrows in a big bag of Munchos, Gummy Worms, and Dr. Pepper (Editing Nights have to be done sober...) I put the CD the Blackhawks Fan made me on repeat and Belted out Some Fun. We are Young... I felt better after that... though it was probably the intense Suger High...

Also, All the Fucks go to Corey Perry. That's all I am gonna say.

iRobot, uLinks:


  • Hitchcock has a need, a need for speed. what did you think I was going to say... Cowbell... Pawlease. (STL Today)
  • There was a game last night...? Did they Show up??? I can't recall... OH wait they did for 20 minutes then peaced out... (TSN)
  • Jaden Schwartz says he is living the dream... his dream is looking pretty sweet next to that piller with his name plate on it... sorry Schwartzy no locker stall for you! But you can haz another goal... (Canada)
  • I SCOURED (Yup that's really how you spell it... Who Knew?) the web for a good 20 mins trying to find a free copy of it but if you get a chance read the Hockey News Magazine article about the Captin' it's quite good and touching... photos of lil Davey and Kelly reaffirm that Perfect Couple is indeed Perfect. (Hockey News)
  • Redemption is here boys... tonight is your night... The Blues are L.A. Bound and will take the ice tonight at 9 pm Central... tis another late one so break out the jager and red bull and push through being "tired" I will be in class so Do it for me. (SB Nation)
  • The Opposition. Make fun of the yuppies that call L.A. home. (Jewels From the Crown)
  • So we arn't as ninja-y as we think...
Hockey News:
  • Duncan Keith, the hawks toothless wonder should expect a call from Shanny and the Boys today... nasty hit on Daniel Sedin... just nasty. (Bleacher Report)
  • Former Jr. Blues Forward Travis Turnbull has been recalled to help out the Buffalo Sabers... The Missouri Folk are really trying to take over the NHL... (Na3hl)
  • Missy Luvhockey brings you the new NHL "Because Its the Cup" I am patiently (like a 2 year old BEGGING for the chocolate pebbles instead of that crap mom buys) for the Western Teams to be included... this east coast shit is just RAWR! (NHL)
  • Steven Stamkos and the former Afro Ginger Brian Campbell have now joined the You Can Play Campaign... and they have an awesomely awkward video to prove it... Oh hockey players, you are so camera shy its cute! (Puck Daddy)
  • Robo Puck From Last Night: Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabers stonewalled Montreal 3-0; Carolina took on the Florida Panthers and won with the help of an INCREDIBLE goal scored by Erik Staal; The Rangers helped keep Detroit in check by at least 1 point by picking up the W 2-1 in OT; Chicago kept Vancouver at bay as well wining 2-1 in OT; and Anaheim... well you know that result... (NHL)
Other News:
  • The Hunger Games premiered last night at Midnight... I was disappointed I couldn't get my nerd on and see it... but maybe you will want to join me after reading this. (Gawker)
  • This is seriously the greatest thing ANYONE in the film industry has ever done... and they didn't even really have to make a movie... like woah... (Gizmodo)
  • I am a teacher of small children for this specific reason... they say the DARNDEST things... (Huffington Post)
  • Perrowned and HallPlante both send along this pretty awesome 1989 St. Louis Blues HAND DRAWN Media Guide... (Deadspin)
  • Little Billy down the street is a little bastard for breaking this cutie pie's heart God Damn it!

  • David Perron... he's like awesome right... well guess what he can FLY too... and score a goal airborne... yeah that weird Frenchmen who needs bed time tweets has SUPERPOWERS!
Someone will be here for y'all tomorrow... Remember... Let's GO Blues... like for serious... I wonder if anyone even reads down here...

I believe I requested cookies yet none have apeared in our inbox... *Sad Face*

Send us Links and Other such items to:

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See you all Monday!
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