Blues get a point off Kings, lose Beer Pong Point in SO.

Some guy named Kariya used to wear No. 9. I'd rather have a Schwartz jersey.

The Blues tonight looked tired. They made tired mental mistakes and tired lazy plays that turned into bad turnovers and tired half-assed effort plays that are not typical of their play this year. I don't want to say that they went out last night, because I bet they did not, but I kept thinking of the scene in Varsity Blues when the team went out partying together as a bonding event and were raggedy assed in their game the next day.

Even so, the Note got an important point on the road, had their best period in the third and their best five minutes in the overtime. The free throw contest for the second point didn't go their way, but who gives a shit - it's a dumb way to "lose" a hockey game.

Still looking for a way to get around bullet points, but that's for another day.

  • Jaden Schwartz is the real deal. I was worried about the kid last night as the game got really physical, but tonight did too and he looked way more comfortable with it. He didn't score a goal to go three-for-three, but he set up the veterans he was lined up with for a couple unreal chances. On top of that, he made some great defensive reads and showed great hustle on the backcheck. Three games in and the kid is an NHLer. Sick.
  • Brian Elliott deserved better than a loss in that game, making 37 real saves, but only coming up with two during the Pop-A-Shot portion of the evening. This is a game that would have been a respectable tie for both teams. Instead we get to see Jonathan Quick mess his pants in celebration because he won a game of HORSE once time expired. I'm sure Jaroslav Halak will be the anointed starter come playoff time, but it's nice to know that Elliott is sitting right there if Halak struggles.
  • The game was full of missed chances, but that two-on-one where Chris Stewart set up Patrik Berglund and the Swede missed the whole net was the most painful. Kent Huskins' miss later was tough, but it's Kent Huskins; it would have been more surprising if he had buried it.
  • You gotta score 4-on-3 on the powerplay in OT. You just have to.
  • Watch everyone Chicken Little the Blues with "They are 1 and 4 on the road trip!" They are actually 1-2-2. I'll take those two extra points - both losses in a game of Quarters, a game not used in the playoffs. Feel free to collectively crap your pants, just don't ask me to sniff 'em with you.
  • It's late and not only are the Blues tired, but so am I. Plus, you all will read this in the morning anyway, so that's gonna have to do it for tonight. As for a potential matchup against the Kings in the first round that everyone is going to freak out about tomorrow, just remember this: the Blues got the very best of the Kings tonight and the Kings got about 82% of the Blues. I like our chances in seven games after a good rest against these guys, Jonathan Quick or not.

Instead of more bullets, I'll cop out by asking you to vote for the Blues Player of the Game:

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