St. Louis Blues Stand Alone Atop Western Conference Standings

Losing puts Joel Quenneville asleep. Nighty night, coach.

Through 67 games this season, the Blues have 91 points, the most in the Western Conference. Last year after 82 games were played, they finished with 87 points. My oh my, how much can change in a year.

Last night's curb stomping of the Blackhawks felt good, but it didn't feel like an arrival. That crest wasn't the summit. These Blues aren't done climbing yet. Not by a long shot. What this team showed last night is that when it plays as a cohesive unit, they can control the game on every square foot of that ice surface. They keep the puck to the outsides, they counter attack, they kill penalties, they win physical confrontations and they stand up for one another. The goaltender is almost left as a spectator.

By the end of that game last night, the Hawks were disinterested and lackluster. The fifth goal in the final minute was a direct result of players quitting, not playing to the final horn. Pride was checked at the bench door, it was all about running that clock out. It's almost as if the Hawks didn't have any leadership on the ice. And then I remembered this was game eight of no Jonathan Toews in the lineup for Chicago. As much as we dislike that team, there's at least some healthy respect for its captain. He was in a one-car accident involving a support column for the elevated train in Chicago back on Feb. 23. Now he had already been out with the vague yet ominous "upper body injury" one game before that. Rumor has it that Taves has a concussion. Was it before that first missed game? Did it happen in the car accident? We don't know. We're not even sure how the accident happened.

Well we here at Game Time have some connections. We talk to a lot of police officers outside the arena. We got some accident reconstructionists together and got a list of the most probable theories behind the crash. What follows are their expert, forensic opinions.

Top 11 Causes Of Toews' Car Crash

11. It's hard to concentrate when a teammate is giving you a handjob for crack.

10. Realized he has only played for teams with racist, insensitive nicknames. Tried scalping himself to make reparations.

9. The tracks are new, only been there a few dozen decades.

8. Was rocking out to his favorite Ke$ha song. Don't judge.

7. Was giving Ed Belfour a ride home. Belfour puked in the back of his car.

6. Needed a new Mercedes anyway. That one had almost 20,000 miles on it.

5. Someone dared him to do an impression of Vladimir Konstantinov.

4. Rob Ramage was in the passenger seat. Tried that turnabout is fair play bullshit.

3. The roofie his "date" took the night before hadn't totally worn off yet and she was giving poor directions home.

2. All the snow this winter has made driving really hard.

1. Day drinking makes everything harder.


Maybe you have a theory about Capt. Serious' accident. Or maybe you'd like to give your opinion about the Blues being in first place in the West (TIED with the New York Rangers for most points in the entire National Hockey League). Fill up them comments.

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