From Europe With Love: my trip to the Blues (part 1)


Well, Blues friends, I hope you all are well awake again after probably much celebrating of the Blues win. I mean: Blues CLINCH. There I was, Saturday night – or better: Sunday morning - at 1.30am watching the Blues rewrite recent history by clinching a series for the first time since 2002. It was nice. But also weird. Because, as some of you will recall, just a week earlier I myself was in St. Louis. In the Scottrade. Watching the Blues versus Sharks in game 1 and 2 of the play-offs.

Like I promised I would write something about my adventures in St. Louis. I hope you enjoy, giving you an insight on how this Blues visit was from a European point of view.

To cut the reading time in half, I will put it up in two parts. I sure didn’t regret my slightly impulsive decision to fly to the Lou and watch play-off hockey... I mean, I saw the Blues play again... I saw them score... I saw them win a play-off game... I relived the hockey craziness of all you people and the St. Louisans... I met Game Timers, saw others for the first time since 2009 and had a blast...

I cannot emphasize it enough: you people are so hospitable, nice, passionate, friendly and welcoming. So, I can honestly say: I had a great week.

More after the break. Part One – here we go!.

I will breakdown my week into some small pieces, in chronological order.


…it was a fairly crazy and impulsive idea, if you look back on this trip?

…it was only a couple of days before leaving that I booked it all and was sure of playoff-tickets?

…the trip started off with a 2 hour delay on the plane from Amsterdam to Chicago?

…after arriving in Chicago, going to customs took 2,5 hours? (MORE ON THIS IN PART 2… A funny conversation!)

…different people arranged for different tickets for the both Blues games I was planning on visiting (Game 1 and 2 versus the Sharks)?

…I need to say a big thank you to tlmotorsports and DanGNR for this?

…I was in different sections in both games?

…I liked it both, in their own way?

...I even would have been happy with watching the game hanging from the ceiling of the building, upside down?

…I tried to enter a contest of the Fox Sports Midwest Girls before the play-offs, emphasizing my entry with a funny meant poem?

…I think it’s well-known around here I didn’t win (not eligible, being a non-Missouri resident)?

…I saw those girls before Game 1, outside of Scottrade and thus walked up to them?

…also in this case a funny conversation followed? (MORE ON THIS IN PART 2… you will have a laugh!)

…this was my first game back to the Blues and St. Louis since 2009?

…I saw one game that time and it ended in a 1-0 OT loss versus the Preds?

…I stared to panic a bit in Game 1 versus the Sharks after the first two periods again went by without a Blues goal?

…I was glad to see goals in the end, but ofcourse would have rather taken the win in Game 1?

…the night before I enjoyed a very nice meetup with Game Time people at the Tin Can on Locust Avenue?

… for example Crosscheckraise, Hardigan, Sarah_Connors, PoorCollegeStudent, tlmotorsports, JDandTurkleton, DanGNR, Kingdonut and others were there?

…this felt like a nice welcoming party?

…PoorCollegeStudent (Tim) learned on this night that ‘Pabst’ is German for pope? And thus he drinks catholic beer?

…I also met with some other St. Louisans I got to know in Sweden during NHL Premiere in 2009?

…DanGNR’s daughter made me a nice drawing, welcoming me to the city of St. Louis?

…I noticed that most of you Blues fans are just as superstitious as me?

…I drank some Sam Adams beer and liked it?

…in the Netherlands nobody knows what a ‘jello shot’ is, but thankfully Hartigan and Sarah_Connors did?

…Blues fans shouldn’t tuck their shirts in?

…I got interviewed for an article the St Louis Post-Dispatch?

…people actually tapped me on the shoulder, asking me if I was that guy from the article?

…I tweeted before Game 2 that the hockeygods wouldn’t do it to me, to send me home with two losses?

…I therefore had a lot of faith in getting the ‘W’ in Game 2?

…DanGNR was one of the people to take me in as a houseguest?

…He mentioned me to be a very ‘talkative’ person?

…I will take that as a compliment?

…After the Blues win we had a nice time somewhere in a bar near St. Louis University, along with guys like Brad Lee, Chris Gift, Dan and PCS amongst others?

…It was the first time I ever met Brad Lee?

…the next day I visited a Cardinals game?

…I really DID NOT get a Cards-virus from that?

…it seemed to me that going to baseball is more like a social gathering, chatting with family and friends and occasionally turning your attention to the baseball field when something is happening?

…I therefore like hockey way better and would take it over baseball any day of the week?

…I still don’t know if it’s ‘talegate’ or ‘tailgate’?

…it really does not matter, because I was at one before Game 2?

…it was really nice, because we don’t have that overhere in Europe?

…the week went by REALLY fast?

…I would have loved to stay longer?

…I will be back?

…I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the help, nice conversations, beers, welcoming feelings and great passion for the Blues?

…you will be able to read more about my trip in Part 2?

…I hope you enjoyed this part 1?


Stay tuned for Part 2!!!


Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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