Blues Blow Another To Red Wings, This Time In Shootout

David Perron's shorthanded goal in the third period was one of the best plays of the entire year.

On the way home from the 3-2 shootout loss, I was listening to KMOX, flagship station of the St. Louis Blues. After they got done with the Cardinals post-game show, they finally got to talking about the hockey game. And Chris Kerber, radio voice of the Blues, summed it up nicely.

He said Wednesday night was another frustrating loss in a string of frustrating losses to the same team dating back to the mid-1990s. The Wings, Kerbs said, seem to always get the benefit of officiating, the bounces, the luck and this time the lone shootout goal.

An NHL team that has clinched the division probably should close out a game they lead 2-0 in the third at home. At least they overcame a horrendous five-minute major given to Ryan Reaves for boarding, they saw a tremendous game from Brian Elliott and the fans showed they're ready for the playoffs.

It's late. I've got a few bullets. I'm not even going to fire them. I'm just going to throw them at you. Don't flinch.

  • If the Wings are lucky enough to make it past the Predators in the first round and somehow match up with the Blues in the postseason, St. Louis has the tape to win next time. Step 1. If Pavel Datsyuk skates circles in the corner, do not let defensemen chase him. Step 2. Concuss Pavel Datsyuk. Step 3. If steps 1 and 2 don't work, please don't leave the forward all alone at the weak-side post. Johan Franzen scored two goals tonight. They both were directly created by Datsyuk doing figure skating moves in the corner and the Blues not covering the backside of the play.
  • Alex Pietrangelo is human, apparently. He had one of his worst plays in the year when an outlet pass went two feet.
  • The Reaves call was horrible. From the arena replay, it looked like shoulder-on-shoulder. The real reason he got five minutes: Sheer size difference. And that's bullshit.
  • One of the two Detroit goals sure looked like a play that happened after a blown offsides. I could be wrong.
  • Fuck Todd Bertuzzi.
  • That was the loudest I've heard the crowd in a long time. The "Howwwwwwwwwwwwarddddddd" rivaled the old Ed Belfour chant back in the day in volume and veracity. As did the "Ref you suck" earlier.

The Blues just had a couple of breakdowns and it cost them a point, a 31st home win and a chance to keep Detroit in fifth in the standings and on the road in the playoffs. Dammit.

You got anything else? Where's my bed?

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