Road Music: 05/06 @ Los Angeles Kings

Everybody wants to score like Oshie.

Our boys in blue have dug themselves quite a hole, haven't they? I'm sure this downtime has been used to watch a lot of game film, so the Blues should know what has to be done. The trick, though, is actually doing it. While the Blues haven't shown us much in this series, we all know that they are fully capable of playing better, and beating the Kings today. Like Brad wrote, I just want a game 5 back in St Louis. The Kings are going to want to end this series today, obviously, but there may be some relaxation on their part that allows us an edge. Even if they don't let up a bit, the Blues are certainly able to avoid the sweep. If they play at the level that they were during most of the regular season, they can wreck those plans and force the game 5.

Sabotage / The Beastie Boys


The Enemy: There's no lineup changes for the Kings. Why should they, when they've been winning so far? Kyle Clifford is on the road back from concussion, and is skating with the team. He may return whenever, but Coach Sutter seems likely to keep his current team together. Jonathan Quick continues his great run, now with a stat line of 1.62 GAA and .950 SV%. He's a tough nut to crack.

Meanwhile, the Blues have yet to score a Power Play goal in this series, while the Kings have scored 2 shorthanded goals. So, the the Kings have outscored the Blues on the Blues' power plays so far. Not so good.

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Final Verse: The puck drops at 2 PM St Louis time, and the GDT should be along shortly before that. The broadcasts are on NBC for TV, and on ESPN Radio St Louis (WXOS) 101 FM. Until then, this is your pregame warmup. Gather here, pray that the Blues had their Wheaties this morning, gear up for an emotional game, and try to resist any Courtnall references. Give us your thoughts on the Blues lineup changes: Carlo Colaiacovo is out, B.J. Crombeen is out, and Ian Cole and Ryan Reaves are in today.

This is one of the many (but a favorite) usages of Sabotage in a soundtrack. This is our first glimpse of the hero James T Kirk. Will our own Kevin Shattenkirk step up today? Will someone else step up to be the hero?

The little capitan Kirk star trek 2009 Sabotage by Beasty Boys (via iindigoo)



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