Friday Open Thread

Mar 4, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; Petro upright and Holmstrom down. Just like any Plager would've handled it. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE

It absolutely sucks when I leave my office and get home only to realize I've forgotten my laptop charger (which will no longer be an issue since my desktop has been delivered to my campus office last night) in the office.

At any rate, I'm low on battery and have only realized it now. Since Hartigan is off doing Hartigan things, I'm the guy to look for for not only Friday Open Thread entertainment, but also Friday links entertainment.

That being said:

Petro's due after next year. How much and how long is that next contract gonna go for? Will the work stoppage ultimately affect things one way or the other?

Consider Drew Doughty is getting 7 million AAV until 2019, since he's the closest comparable talent and contract signing. Among other highpaid D-men, look at Chara getting 6.9 mil AAV until 2018, Ryan Suter getting a cap hit of 7.5 mil over 13 years, and Shea Weber getting 7.8mil over 14 years.

Regarding my take on Petro, I think the Blues wait until next offseason to get him signed, out of both curiosity for the D-man market and both Alex's earning potential. Petro has earned the right to negotiate a contract only when he sees fit, given his position within the team. However, he absolutely has to realize his worth to the Blues because of his increases in stature as a result of both the Eeej trade and the Hitchcock hire. Ultimately, I think something gets worked out after the end of next year's season (be it a full 82 or a shorteneted schedule) but thankfully BEFORE my birthday, which is Free Agent Day, and Petro is not subject to RFA fodder from Holmgren and/or whoever else that lives to emulate Ron Caron.

I swear, if Chris Pronger leaves this game soon and the NHL isn't blessed with another Pronger type (I mean, not only the "on the ice" play but also the off the ice jackassery and media play), I'mma be pissed.

Andy Portico has some quality words on deck at 11AM. I'll take this opportunity to gather some of the earlier morning links and have something ready for you to click on during the mid-afternoon hours.

If you're that anxious, I can tell you that the lockout is still going to happen and that the details of the Carlo/Detroit deal are being worked out unless they've been finalized.

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