Double Header

Bettman will live or die depending on his relationship with his bosses, I will not be able to influence that. So what can the NHL give me, as a fan, that I'd enjoy and appreciate? Double headers.

Imagine it. Two weekends a year every team in the NHL gets to play a day-night double header. Twice a year, once on the Outdoor Life Network, and once on the Peacock Network, there will be hockey on television from breakfast to bedtime. Constant hockey.

I know from causal mentions of such a drastic idea that there are mixed opinions and multiple concerns. Let me address two or three.

Hey Childhood, don't you care about the players?!? Think about the players! This is actually two separate ideas, let me tackle the second one first. Ah yes, Think about the players, and the teams. Backup goalies will have to play one of the games. Fourth lines will get regular shifts. Healthy scratches will all get to see the ice. Teams with depth will get an advantage. Players with more guts than skills will get to perform in front of their fans. I am all for it. In fact since it would be, ideally, twice a year, on a weekend, and involve all teams, there can be an allowance of a third goalie and 2 skaters for the weekend. Heck if the Blues brought Allen up, I'd love him to be dressed both games, as the backup of coarse. See him in a Blues uniform again. watch him warm up. Twice. Along with that AHL vet, or that young Riverman gun who is better off playing in the "A" everyday than sitting on the bench in the "N". He will play a regular shift for one game. Let's watch him.

As for the first part. Actually I don't. Yes an 11 am game followed by a 7 pm game will be a grind. But what i worry about more is the ice. That has to be babied. Barret Jackman? probably not as much. I never met David Perron, but from what i think I know about him, he would instantly become the Ernie Banks of the Blues and would always want to play two. Heck, he might want to play three, and then do a little broom ball in the parking lot with us fans.

You know what else i worry about? The fans. I realize the NHL will screw up even a basic and beautiful gift to the fans like a double header, but the Blues should play the Wings (FUCK THEM), the Hawks, or the Preds. Imagine, if you will. sitting with their fans. drinking for 2 hours. then being released into down town with them for 3 hours, to, ummm, mingle. Slightly buzzed Blues fans in the mosh pit of 14th and Clark with ignorant Detroit fans, insufferable Chicago fans, or Inconsequential Nashville fans. I do have fears. But I'm willing to face them, because after three hours downtown with them, i get to sit next to them AGAIN. and watch the Blues win AGAIN.

A few non-hockey fans suggested they would rather see four teams play. An interesting concept but hard to make happen. Three is a possibility of three of coarse, but it really should be a battle of rivals. Two teams enter. eight (or thanks to the shootout TEN) point day later only one might still be standing.

Will it ever happen? Probably not. If it did happen would the hospital be covered with players? the ice covered with blood, and downtown covered with the unconscious? I should hope so.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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